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Windows 8 is the latest Operating System made by Microsoft, the new system is elegant and sleek, but certain key features are different now. As a matter of fact, it is so different that you are probably going to have a hard time finding out how to do stuff.

It’s a very controversial Windows version, some people love it and some others hate it. Valve hates Windows 8, but other customers love the new Interface. Some others are complaining about the bugs and the ability of the new OS to cripple your computer from time to time. The thing is that we all know the drama behind Windows 8, we already have way too much of it. So the real question is…

Is ‘Windows 8’ a good Operating System for gaming…??????

When I look at something in the computer world, I look at 3 special things, Compatibility, Performance and Stability. Those are the 3 key aspects that I am going to talk about. I am going to skip the features because as gamers, our main feature is always there, DirectX and Windows as a whole.

This had nothing to do with the Microsoft shop or the “PC to close platform” drama.


I have to be honest, I don’t have any compatibility issues right now.  All I did was, install the new OS, download the new drivers, install my games, patch everything up and ‘Ta-Da!’… Time to have some fun! I have 16 games installed in my computer right now and all of them run like a charm. No compatibility issues at all.

Some people are telling me that some old titles are having problems, but that is always going to happen when you try to play a game that is 15 years old, you are going to have issues. Even in windows 7 , I had to install DOSBox or VMware to play some old games.

Compatibility wise, I don’t have any issue with Windows 8, right now I can run all the games I do enjoy and care for, I know that from time to time, I have to tweak a few things, but that is part of the fun. After all, we are gamers and messing with the settings can be fun sometimes.

Guild Wars 1, is 8 years old and it runs fine.


When I play a game, I hope that is playable, by playable I mean, no stuttering and smooth frame rate. I am playing a bunch of games right now and all of them are playable. In general, the game performance in Windows 8 is not very different from Windows 7, only a few games run faster in Windows 8 and a very small minority is slower.

If your hardware is good enough, Windows 8 is going to run your games, but if your hardware sucks or is very old, don’t expect a magical performance boost, Win 8 is not a magic wand that will speed your frame rate in a very meaningful way… Unless you had some issues with your previous installation, but that is another matter… Here is a small list of games and my observations...

Guild Wars 2... Playable, no performance drop...

The Secret World... Playable too, no performance drop...

Planetside 2... The same thing, no changes...

Eve Online, Skyrim, Dota 2... All of them are playable with no performance drops...

Just Cause 2... Small performance improvement... Very small, only a benchmark tool can detect it.

CitiesXL 2012... Small performance hit... Figures, that game had issues before...

Frame rate is in the playable level...


I have mixed views about the stability, the first thing is that I can play for a couple of hours without any kind of crashing , freezing or incidents. I can play my games for some hours perfectly.

Unfortunately, from time to time, my computer goes haywire! Responsiveness drop all the way down to 0 and my only choice is to push the reset button. The system can be working without any issue and then it fails, without any obvious reason to do so.

Of course, I cant put all the blame on the new OS, I have to put some blame on myself because I keep opening up a bunch of monitoring tools, tweaking stuff, mods in the games, messing with the settings and in general I am screwing around with the new system (The honeymoon period). Who knows if I am the one messing with the stability…

Crashing is not allowed in Dota 2.

Is Windows 8 worth getting?

I don’t have any answer right now, if you are happy with Windows 7, keep it and save a few bucks. If you feel like buying Win 8 because there is a special sales offer or you like the new interface… Then get it… Win 8 is the kind of thing that is cool to have, but if you don’t have it, everything is fine.

I don’t see any particular reason to move away from Win 7 into Win 8. Right now I already have it, so I am going to keep it, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should go to the store and get it.

Maybe later on Microsoft throw DX12 as a Win 8 exclusive or start messing up Win 7… Who knows… In the meantime, One of my computers is going to have Win 8 and the other one is going to get along just fine with Win7…

Believe it or not, Windows 7 is good enough.

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