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Wake the Cat is the kind of puzzle game that is addictive and fun, finishing a level progresses the game into the next one, the thing is that for some reason I cant stop playing it, I just keep going because I am really looking forward into seen what is going to be next, what kind of challenges are ahead. Is a very nice game and if you are willing to get it... Then get ready for a nice experience.


The game uses the Android 3D system to render all its graphics, amazingly it does it really well, things look nice and now exactly like a massive eye-pain of low poly models, on top of that, the performance keeps its pace at a good fps speed, which is a real achievement in mobile games, considering their limited power.

I really like the visual of the game, they are like half real and half cartoonish, which gives the game a special charm without becoming too tiresome. The nice environments in the puzzles, the special effects of the gravity wheels, the cat itself... All those things are what make this game a pleasant experience on my eyes. Graphics wise, this game deserves a big thumbs up.


The game, is a puzzle game, you have to figure out a way to get a ball of thread across the puzzle to the cat. The idea is that the cat is sleeping and you need to wake it up with such a thing.  At first it sounds easy and straight forward, but as the game moves on, things get more difficult, sometimes the solution is not so obvious and some other times you have to use some objects in the map while the thread is moving.

I really enjoy the gameplay, solving the puzzles is what causes the addiction in this game, the puzzles look like they are well done and by all means, they are challenging in some aspects, I know that some of them are easier than others but that is part of the puzzle game genre nature. Maybe that had something to do with how our brains work and not exactly had anything to do with the game.

In general, if you are the kind of player who likes and definitely love puzzle games, you should give Wake the Cat a chance, it does have tons of puzzles to keep anyone entertained for hours. There is a bunch of levels in the games, figuring them all out is more than just finishing a game, is like a personal achievement that you should tell all your friends about.


Other things worth mention about the game is the sound and music, they are the kind of music that you will hear in a happy dream, after all, its about a sleeping cat. The important thing is that the game is kids friendly too, so if you have a child around the place, just let him play the game, chances are that he is going to try build his own map in RL using household items.

Hints and Tips

- Not every map is straight forward, sometimes the solution is really bizarre... Trial and Error is your best friend here.

- If you are really stuck, use the hint option in the right bottom corner of the screen, I know it blows up the puzzle but at least it saves you a lot of frustration. I mean it!

- If for some reason, the doors to the maps doesn't open up, try tapping at the right side of the door knob. That was an anomaly I encounter in the game at some point.

- Sometimes, a full power launch is not the best approach, try some finest from time to time... It really pays off.

- Some levels have objects that move by themselves, the best course of action in some of them is to watch what is going on and shoot at the right moment, not exactly after the level starts... But, i cant spoil any level here so... Go find them!

In conclusion, Wake the Cat, is one of the best puzzle games out there right now for Android, Its charming, entertaining and full of puzzles to solve and hours to pour in, just keep mind your head, because it can overheat sometimes. My final verdict for this game is a solid 9 out of 10. The game is almost perfect.

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