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Trail Xtreme 3 is a very fun game, one that is challenging at the start but eventually it becomes into a total blast to play. The game is all about jumping around in a motorbike, trying to overcome all the obstacles and sometimes puzzles. Stunts are the thing to see in this game, sometimes they will make me laugh and some other times… Scream a little bit.


The game does look so friggin good for an Android game, the game does have everything cover up in the graphics department. From the menus to the actual environments and places, everything looks like it was a job well done. The developers of this game really put some time on the visuals. As there is plenty to like in here.

There is plenty of places in the game to race around, mountain tops, seaports, beaches and a few other biomes are in this game, also there is a fair amount of bikes and textures for the player to choose from. The thing is that what I really notice is that everything looks so sharp and clean in the game, no fuzziness in the graphics or anything at all. I really enjoy the looks of this game.

The last thing I like about the visuals are not exactly the visuals but the sound and music that does complement the visuals, if you are a fan of motorbikes, then good news, they have their very distinct engine sound in the game too.


The gameplay, well… The game play is really entertaining and fun. The game comes with a fair amount of challenge inside. At the very start, it is difficult as hell!!! But after playing the game for a while, I manage to understand how to better control the bike and how to use the brakes, that’s right, you have to use the brakes in this game.

You see, the game is not exactly racing against other opponents, you are actually racing against the clock, while doing a bunch of stunts in a crazy layout field of obstacles. For that, there is like 5 things you can do, go forward or stop, jump and tilt the bike to the front or the rear… AkA… Do a Wheelie.

When I played the game for the first time, I knew the game was up for something when I saw those tricky little buttons on my screen. The success in this game depends on the correct usage of those thingies, but practice makes perfect… So don’t worry if you play the game and have to restart the same level a 100 times.

Gameplay wise, the game is fun and worth playing, my only complaint is that the game can get tedious if you play for too long and get stuck at a level.


There is a currency system in the game, you go around, collecting stars for some extra in game cash, at the same time, the faster you finish the level, the more cash you get. That kind of currency is necessary in the game because unlocking more stuff cost money. I notice that some things are kind of way too expensive and it will require the player to play a lot of the game and potentially farm for currency. The other alternative is buy it with real money.

My final verdict for this game is a solid 8 out of 10 and it’s a game that every Android player should give it a go, at least once.

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