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Hey peeps, Runbot is a game about running and dodging obstacles on rooftops, you are some sort of robot made for the only purpose of running. One day something goes wrong and you escape, of course, you get away by running.

The thing is that as a bot you need tons and tons of energy, but for some random reason, there are plenty of batteries scattered all across the rooftops. Who knows if one day, instead of getting water out of the rain, we just get AA batteries.

The game in general is kind of good and enjoyable but it’s definitely very repetitive and somewhat grindy.


I have to give this game a big Kudos when it comes to graphics, everything on the screen looks awesome, even if you are just looking at a bunch of low poly models. The developers of this game really know how to make good use of limited processing power resources.

What really gets my attention is that the devs really put some effort in the Bot animations, the way you  jump down objects and roll down to dodge them is just great, the same goes when you switch the lanes in the game. They just look so friggin cool! The game only have a few of those animations but in general they simply look cool every time. Because what exactly can go wrong with a running bot… Oh ya, some glitches.

Well, for me, I can see some glitches in the graphics sometimes, mainly in the menu, everything else just looks great but something is definitely going on when I am in the menu, I can let that one slide because I don’t look at the menu that much, I just feel like playing the game and run around when I launch the game in my tablet.

Graphics wise, the game +1, the menu bug is not a big deal as long as it doesn’t get into my actual game.


The gameplay is about running and dodging obstacles as I said, on top of that you have to collect batteries, if you don’t, your bot will simply shutdown and that’s it… Game Over! I really like the gameplay for what it is right now, just get in, run for a while, try to beat your high score and then upgrade your robot at the robot factory. Get an extra upgrade and then try again the same thing over again, this time with a small improvement.

The game at least have an upgrade system, after all, a bunch of Android games have those mechanics, you collect some sort of in game currency over time and then you upgrade your character, or in this game, your robot or just bot. There is also some stuff that you can get with real money but in general the game feels fun without the need of investing real money, let’s just say that putting some money into the game makes progression a bit faster.

Unfortunately here is when I get to bash the game a little bit, even if everything is fun for a while, the game is basically the same thing over and over again, it just gets more difficult the longer you run, but in the end, is the same place and you do the same thing without a sense of thought. Sometimes I just feel like a zombie, dodging stuff mindlessly and collecting batteries.



Stuff worth mentioning about this game is the music and sound, I have to point out that the game soundscape helps the immersion, it feels robotish and scifi but at the same time it feels real. It just feels like some sort of pursuit, which goes well with the drones that appear from time to time, after all, you are a rogue robot on the loose.


- Besides dodging obstacles, try to get purple batteries over everything else! Its really important, chances are that you will run out of energy quickly if you don’t collect those.

- Also, try to collect multipliers, they look like red orbs, they are not bad, just a multiplier.

- Remember you can shoot some stuff, do it from time to time.

- Beware! Sometimes, what appear to be a good way to go, it’s a friggin death trap, you will fall down the building and die.

-          Beware! Sometimes, what appear to be a good way to go, it’s a friggin death trap, you will fall down the building and die.

In conclusion, this game is fun to play but repetitive and grindy, which is very unfortunate because the concept is really cool. Because of those reasons my final verdict is a 7 out of 10. It can be better but as I said, I feel like a zombie sometimes while playing it.

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