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Retro Future Racing is my all means a racing game, the kind of game that can be fun but in the end it does have the same things that drive me mad about racing games.The thing is that at least it does have some quirky mechanics that apparently are there to save the day. 


The game graphics are 3D based, they look nice and not exactly complicated, on top of it, there isnt a big deal of difference between the maps, other than the layout, curves, ramps, coins, etc. The environments are good looking but the aesthetics of the game are very standard and for the most part there isnt a whole lot of difference between the Alpha Track and the Beta Track. 

The cars perse, look kinda awesome if you ask me, they have this special touch, half retro and half futuristic, that probably explains why the game name is Retro Future Racing, because you have a 1950 car with hover technology on it, it looks really stylish and if you ask me, if one day cars get to float in the air, they should at least look like a 1950 car just for the sake of looking good. I have to point out that I like the graphics and artstyle when it comes to vehicle designs in the game, it is kinda unfortunate that the game only have a few cars to drive.

In general, the graphics in this game one 'thumbs up' and one 'thumbs down', the artstyle is cool and stylish and the graphics as a whole are good, but the lack of cars kinda leaves me wanting more.


Here is when things get a bit controversial, the gameplay can be fun, but it feels that you just need to play it perfectly to be on top, which is an expected thing, considering the game is a racing game. What kinda bothers me is that the some game mechanics are there to help you out but at the same time it feels that they are in place to obscure some flaws in the gameplay.

Let me explain you something, your gas pedal is always on... You are always hitting the 'OMG! Lets go forward pedal'. Such feature probably makes sense in an Android game, the same goes with the lack of breaks, you cant break in this game! I can understand that because you can only do so much in a tablet screen. The solution was very simple, add 2 mechanics that will compensate the lack of gas and break control.

The first one is the nitros recharging, something that is not exactly new in the genre and then the teleport feature. I have never seen such a thing before, from time to time some portals open up in the track, when I take them, I end up ahead of some other racer. Such thing feels kinda random when it happens and what bothers me is that it also feels that it is a dynamic implemented to deal with the fact that the player is going to end up last in every race unless they play perfectly without any kind of mistakes, something that is really really hard, if not impossible. Because you dont have control over the gas and breaks.

Other than what I already explained, the game feels like a racing game, you run around in circles in a track, competing with other racers, while everyone is trying to get the gold medal at the end. As usual, people will expend most of their time grinding the side of the road but that is a very common in the genre.


The sound and music of the game are in tone with the rest of the game, they do feel like a blend of futuristic sounding car with more common sounds like the one you heard when you hit the edge of the road. The little music to be found in the game also feels like something taken from the 1960s or 70s, the only thing is that its played with strange future kind instruments.


Do you really want a hint? Its very simple, practice makes perfection, just play over and over again the same track until you master and memorize all of its curves, ramps, powerups, etc... and for the sake of the car, dont use the nitrous before entering a curve.

This game is just about right for people who love racing games. After all, they do love the genre and chances are that this one is going to get a place in their hearts. But for the most common kind of player, like myself, the game fuel tank is very limited, I played it for a few days and I think I am done with it for a while.

In conclusion, I have to verdicts for this game... A 7 out of 10 if you are a racing genre lover or a 6 out of 10 if you are a more common kind of player.

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