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Hey peeps, today I was playing Dead Defence, a game that I do like it a little bit because is a tower defense kind of game but at the same time I dislike it because it does have some serious design flaws. Its the kind of game that will pretty much put you into a gray area.


The graphics of this game is the first time that put me on edge, I dont know if I like them or not, because some stuff like the terrain, the turrets, the mindless Zombies trying to destroy your base look great, but at the same time the menus are an absolute nightmare!!! They are so friggin small, I am not kidding, every single button in this game is so small, I usually have a hard time pressing a menu button with my pinky finger, that is how tiny they are.

Other than the small issue, everything else seems to be cool and more than just reasonable, the zombies look like zombies, behave like zombies and for the most part they die like the zombies. The weaponry not only looks good but also their effects, specially the rocket launcher, that weapon feels snappy on my eyes.

My final thoughts are that the graphics are in the 'Ok... So So' kind of lines. Because the menu is just as important as everything else.

Dear god, the menu is so small!!!!


Once again I am divided, I like the gameplay because is a tower defense kind of game, I do like that genre, I just feel that I am the last one standing between victory and total obliteration and because of that I have to build towers and hold the cesspool of mobs or zombies that will try to destroy my base, home, city, cores or whatever I am suppose to defend. I was in total love with that aspect of the game.

Unfortunately the game is doing something very dubious at the same time. Its insanely dificult, that is understandable in this genre but at the same time it feels that some places are made in such a way that you simply can achieve perfect score or win at all without using powerups. I know the tower defense genre have power ups and in some places you really have to use them.

The thing is that those powerups for the most part are not free, you need some diamonds to pull them off. What makes things difficult is that you have to buy them with real money... You have some when you start and get mroe for liking the game on facebook, but those are going to run out soon... Really soon!

It pains me to say this but it looks like in this game is mandatory to buy stuff from the cash shop and is not something you can do if you feel like doing it. Unlike other Android games, in which the developer tries to persuade you to buy stuff, here it feels a more direct approach, BUY STUFF FROM MY SHOP OR ELSE!!! That my friends is not cool.


Something I have to mention here, is the music and sound. The music is not so epic as other games, but they do something really well... Give you a dark and moody feeling, after all, zombies took over the world and you are defending the last survivors, or something like that. Of course, all the music and sound is mainly a matter of tastes and for me it just feel right in the way that it keeps the post apocalyptic mood going. At least that is a thumbs up, a very rounded one if you ask me.

In conclusion, this game could be better, it does have the potencial and its a tower defense game! Its too darn bad that some design flaws mess it up big time! I have to give this game a 6 out of 10... Its passable, if you get lucky with your initial diamonds.

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