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ChamCham is a puzzle game, one that is very beautiful on the visuals and really fun on the gameplay side, the special charm about this game is that you manipulate the terrain to get things done in the game. That is of course, if the game doesnt drive you insane with its massive influx of broken ads.


The graphics of this game are as beautiful as well as stylish and charming. By far is one of my favorite looking games for android, everything looks so neat, clean and shinny. The maps are well design from a visual point of view as well as the character... AkA the chameleon...  When I look at the game I feel a deep sense of relaxation and enjoyment at the same time, the game world is such an eye candy.

On the other hand, the menus have some issues, they look great and neat but something is wrong with their loading, its like the game loads them up in phases and some of them dont load that fast and some others are faster... Its kinda messy to see when a menu screen pops up... but that is something that can be fix later on and if I just close my eyes for 2 seconds, I will miss that mess lol. There is more about that later on.


Let me explain the gameplay quick, because I do believe that is probably the main selling point of this game. As every puzzle game, you have to solve the puzzle by doing stuff, this time in ChamCham, you do it by manipulating the terrain and using it to your advantage while you try to feed a fruit to a chameleon.

At the very start it sounds easy, but as the game keeps going on, the levels get more challenging, now is not a matter of setting up the map and see the action, you better be active and change the map as the fruit rolls around the land, also in some other levels, you better time up your actions well or you may end up lost in a bad teleportation move or something. There are plenty of hazards in this game that will destroy your fruit, like rocks, water pits, or the edge of the map.

ChamCham is the kind of game that requires some thinking and quick reflexes to get the puzzles done. By the end of the day, you have a very fun and challenging game. I really like the mechanic about morphing the terrain, because in other games you do some stuff with the pieces of the puzzles, but here! Lets play a pseudo godmode kind of game and turn upside down a few hills.

On top of that, you have a certain amount of lives, I know that some people do hate that mechanic. I do from time to time, but in here, that game mechanic gives the game an extra trill... Dont turn this into a trial and error kind of game or you will end up waste so many lives. I mean fruits...


Here I will have to criticize a few things about the game. The first one and only one is the massive influx of ADS! The game keeps throwing you advertisements every level, not only the game have the banner advertisements all over the place but they also keep throwing at my face the in the face kind of full-screen advertisement, every 2 minutes!

Its not only annoying and infuriating but its also frustrating because I end up pressing buttons that I wasn't meant to do, wasting lives or the light bulb currency that apparently helps me out by giving me a hint if I need one.

That is not all, the advertisements are kinda broken sometimes and do not load correctly, good to know that pressing back usually solves the problem and puts me back into the game. Who knows if the menus are slow to load because the friggin ads are messing with it... Which is a shameful display! Considering the game is so awesome and by the end, the menu also looks good but its getting screw by ads!

In conclusion. ChamCham is a great game to play, fun and beautiful as heck, the puzzles are interesting and the game is worth playing, that is if you can take the ads... My final Verdict is a 7 out of 10... This game can be better, it does have potential to be one of the greatest puzzle games in Android, like Candy Crush, Angry Birds etc... But the ads need to be fix! If by any chance, the annoyance of ads is fixed, post me a comment or send me a private message and I think about reevaluating the final score.

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