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Hey guys, it looks like Anet released a new patch a few minutes ago (October 7th)... As usual, they are fixing issues, tweaking some spells and dealing with some balancing issues…

What is puzzling me is that the Mesmer has been NERF!!!! Is this going to be the new trend in GW2??? Nerf the Mesmer class in every patch or at least mess with it a little.  I remember when Anet used to mess with the Mesmer class a lot in GW1. As a matter of fact, I know players who used to make jokes about Mesmers, every time a new patch was released…

It was very common to see a patch every month or something like that, adding new fixes, maybe some little extra content and dealing with issues… AND… Mesmer Nerfs!!!! That was the GW1 motto... New stuff and Mesmer nerfs... more stuff and Mesmer nerfs lol...

Right now, the Mesmer class is very good in PvP because you can confuse other players with your clones, but at the same time its kinda weak in PvE, nerfing some skills because they kick too much arse in PvP, is going to make things even more difficult in PvE…

If I am not mistaken, in GW1 Anet had the perfect solution, some skills behave in a different way in PvP compared to PvE… If you ask me, they really need to do that in GW2 and at least let people play a reliable class in PvE and well balanced in PvP...

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