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Hey peeps, today I manage to finish the last quest in the GW2 storyline, after months of procrastination, I manage to get a group today and I finally killed Zhaitan, the antagonist in Guild Wars 2.

The thing is that instead of feeling a nice sensation of joy inside myself, I feel kinda mad because the final moments after the quests are so friggin lackluster! The fight as it is, is kinda cool and awesome but after that, all your NPC friends start babbling about throwing up a party and that other dragons are around so you can expect more fights soon.

I understand that we won!!! We defeated Zhaitan!!! But do we have to screw up the moment with childish babbling and the anti-climax idea that we have other dragons around, not to mention that now the new story is kinda spoiled up because I know that we are going to fight some damn dragons once again… It feels that all I get is a damn “To Be Continued” on the screen, not exactly an ending.

Awesome battle, lackluster aftermatch...

We all know that the story is going to continue, its kinda obvious, do we need the game telling us that the story is going to continue? It looks like the story writer is a bit insecure about his story if he needs to confirm a sequel in the last page of his script.

If you ask me, Guild Wars Factions and Guild Wars Nightfall had better story endings as a whole, not a friggin “To Be Continued” or Keep in touch with the game, because we are going to deliver more dragon fights. That is another thing that drives me mad!!! More dragons!! No surprises like in the GW1 episodes.

I really hope that Anet do something about the story in the next expansion packs, give us a very badass fight and then something to be proud about, not a bunch of lame cut-scenes in Fort Trinity.

To Be Continued in Guild Wars 2.5

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