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The Winter expansion was released like a day ago and with it the not so small universe of eve received a few upgrades around the place… Now the ships look a bit better (improved shader system) and the space background in each solar system looks friggin cool now… If anyone else tell you something different… He is a troll…

Gameplay…? Well… There is a lot of controversy around it because subcap players are more powerful now in big battles… not because they buff them but because they nerf the capital ships. Now I don’t feel like aiming for a carrier anymore, I better stay with my smaller ships for a while longer… Other than that, it looks like every other change is welcomed by the community… Including the new Font…

The full patch notes are in the eveonline website… Of course some changes are more noticeable than others… The “Dramiel” is one of them… I was talking to some corp members and it looks like CCP nerfed the Dramiel…  lulz…


Graphical Updates...


New Battlecruisers...



Fitting window now shows your DPS...


Character Preview Window


Destroyers stat changes


ps: plz, dont post comments about the capitals ok....







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