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Hey peeps, around a week ago SOE finally decided to give DCUO to the masses… how??? They simply make the game F2P… Now you can download the game client (17gbs… OW!!!), create your own hero or villain and start doing some damage around Gotham or Metropolis…

I know that the core of this game is not new, the original P2P version was released in January 2011 and at the same time the public know that Sony had problems with their network and the game had a mediocre reception, some people even justified the subscription fee at all.

The thing is that now you can simply play this game for free and expend some money if you want in the cashshop, but in general is free!!! Lol…

The problem is that making a game free doesn’t make it good or bad. The question is… Is this game worth a try now?

Well, I only have 3 answers for 3 different kinds of people…

The first one: You never played the game before… If you don’t have an idea of what the hell DCUO is, then download the friggin client already and play it… Then be your own judge if you want to keep playing it or not. Remember, is free.

The second group: I played the original one and I quit... Well in that case you can try it out if you actually liked the original game, if you feel like rolling another character, then go ahead, now is your chance. Have fun…

The third group: I never liked the original game… I suggest you pass. The game is basically the game thing, same gameplay, almost the same content and almost every old issue is here… If you never liked the fact that you expend half of your time under the effects of a crowd control effect and pressing shift to get out of it, then run away… 

In short my answer is… Play it… Give it a try and if you don’t feel comfortable playing it, get rid of it.

One of the things that really puzzles me about this new version is that some areas in metropolis and Gotham are completely useless, when I played for the first time in January, a lot of the map area was good for nothing, no quests, no mobs, nothing to do there… 10 months laters (8 months if you take the PSN debacle out… lets be fair)… This map zones are good for nothing…

If you find some sort of usefulness to these areas, then let me know, so far I don’t see anything interesting in them, I don’t even see players… aka… The southern part of Gotham…

DCUO   F2P   worth something   Second chance  

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