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Hey peeps, do you guys think that the mmo market already have 3 generations…? Each one of them with its special place in the history books of gaming…? or, are you more classic and believe that we only have the old school mmos, pre-2004 and the ones released in 2004 and beyond...?

This is not about graphics... ok...

I have to be honest, sometimes I do feel that we do have 3 generations because we have 3 kinds of mmos, or at least in general we have 3 basic design approaches, Sandbox, Standard and GW2 Hearts...

As far as I can remember, the first one is the one involving the sandboxes, freedom to do stuff in the game world and mess with it, games like Ultima, EVE, Pre-CU Galaxies (RIP), Perpetuum and a few others are in the first group of mmos. I know that they are old games, but in general, the first generation is old!

That probably explains why the old school sandbox fans are always complaining, we don’t get those games anymore, or at least we don’t get them on a regular basis. Some players enjoy the freedom we get in a sandbox game, the thing is that some players feel lost and the sensation of emptiness takes over the game…

What should I do now…? Do whatever you want to do…? Unfortunately, they can’t answer that question, so we end up with the second generation.

LB is dead!!! Classic 1st gen stuff...

The Second generation on the other hand, is the so called standard in the industry, you get into the game world, you do the kill 10 rats quest, you fetch stuff around, and you go from point A to point B, repeat the same thing 1000 times and you get to reach the max level content, the grinding!!!

A lot of people like doing quests and for some reason they do love the standard rule set more than the sandbox one. I will dare to say that the first gen lovers are the minority here. We can try to dig up the reasons of this phenomenon, but every person seems to have its own theory of what is going on. All I know is that the second generation of mmos has a deeper sense of direction and more clear objectives.

Kill the thing 10 times, fetch, 'Go To'...

The Third generation… Well, this one is a controversial prototype, because Guild Wars 2 is the only game that fits this category. In other words, it’s the game that opens up this generation.

Some people think that GW2 is the future  (myself included), because the game got rid of some annoying stuff found in previous games, no more quest hubs, no more quest accepting and returning and no more back-tracking.

At the same time, GW2 have a nice combat system and WvW mechanics, it is very fun to play and you don’t have to reach max level to enjoy it, because the philosophy behind the game is that everything should be endgame.

Those key features are worth a whole new generation of mmos, or at least that is what the defendants of this 3rd generation idea are saying.

Vagrant master or real adventurer...?

Unfortunately some players believe that GW2 is nothing special, is a second generation mmo with a twist and because of that, you are a simple vagrant in the game world, doing crap that happens randomly in the game world without any special meaning. 

I do like GW2 a lot but at the same time I have to be very honest, sometimes I feel like a vagabond in GW2, just roaming the map and farming karma, resources or just gold.

So what exactly do you guys think… Do we have 3 generations of mmos… Or just two…?

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