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Mobile Reviews - Billiards Empire

Billiards Empire is as you guess it, a game about pool. If you ever played the real thing in the real world, you have an idea of what we are going to get ourselves into. I am going to be really really honest with you, I only play the electronic versions of the real sport. So I am going to review this from the perspective of another player, playing another video game.

So hows the game? Well the game is actually very good if you ask me, you aim and fire away and hope for the better, or at least that is what I usually do because as the real thing, pool is about geometry. It looks like a simple thing to do, just hit balls, but believe me, its more complicated than waking up in the morning after having the worst nights of all.


The graphics of the game are good, the pool table looks clean

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Hacker in Planetside 2... The mother of all cheaters...

Hey peeps, I do know that I am not really writing that much anymore, I have been doing other stuff. From time to time I keep thinking about getting back, but right now I am not so sure. Anyway, the thing is that I am going to make a small comeback and post a small article about some guy cheating in planetside 2... He is aimboting, wallhacking and exploiting.

Why? Two reason, because cheats suck and because is kinda funny.

Can I post it in the official planetside 2 forum...? Cant, its bad propaganda, so their mods will delete it.

Why make this small comeback...? Its generating so much fuzz in the game...

Here are the screenshots...

He killed all those players outside almost instantly...

Look at the pile of bodies he killed in the spawn point.

And of course, wall hacks!

More kills inside t

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Guild Wars 2 - New content every 2 weeks! Oh snap!

Hey peeps, I was chilling around GW2, doing the July monthly achievement and hoping to get the usual 10 laurels you get when you finish the friggin achivementl when a little bird told me that Arenanet is going to release new content every 2 weeks. Apparently their current idea of releasing content once a month is no longer good enough and they are going to give every GW2 fan an extra dosis of stuff to do.

For a moment I thought that someone was trolling the chat, so I just moved into another chat tab for a while until I decided to ask and it was confirmed by some other players… So I had to look for more information on the matter and it turns out that it is the friggin truth. Anet said that content updates are going to be every 2 weeks.

I am not kidding, go to this link https://www.guildwars

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Guild Wars 2 - Do you like the content updates....?

Hey peeps, I am back, I am alive and for some random reason I keep playing games. The thing is that some people around the place are talking about Guild Wars 2 Updates. We all know that GW2 keeps getting more and more updates... Right now we got a new patch with a new Living Story Episode, something about fighting a very strange NPC with mines only.

I know that the content is kinda quirky but the point is there! Arenanet keeps working hard on their game, adding more content and new cash shop items very now and then. In short, they are like no other game developer, so dedicated to their game. The thing is that such behavior from the developers is causing some deep feelings in some people! Some of them like the updates, some others dont, etc...

Right now, we have 4 main groups in the community

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Nintendo says No! No! To youtube monetize system.

Hey peeps, it looks like Nintendo is going to do something that is not so cool at the eyes of a lot of people in youtube, they are going to claim all the Nintendo games profits and the video makers are going to get nothing! The thing is that the copyright laws are on their side, so there isnt much we can do about it at all.

I know that this is going to be an outcry and some players are going to start trashing Nintendo and saying that they are against free media and against free speech. The thing is that we can post videos about Nintendo games but we cant get money out of them. So there is no reason to release videos about those games unless you want to have some fun making them.

On the other hand, some other people are at the side of Nintendo, maybe I am one of them, who knows... The pro Nintendo move against monetization are pointing out that the games are made by Nintendo and that adding a small voice over made by you, talking about the game, doesn't make it yours because you don

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Simcity 5 players get a free EA game copy...

Hey peeps, I am having some issues in the real world, that is why I am not around here that much in the recent days... The thing is that one of those things going on in the real world is SimCity 5, also known as SimCity 2013 or just SimCity, like the original one released in 1989 lol!

The thing is that I am enjoying that game, is really fun to play, but as a whole, its lacking a bunch of stuff, if you are wondering what is missing in the game... Well, you have to play SimCity 3000 and SimCity 4... Then you will know what is missing in the game.

Regardless of the issues, the game can be fun if you can overlook the issues. Unfortunately, not everyone can ignore the problems in the game!!! The maps can be small, there is some serious problems in some mechanics, there is some design flaws and the servers are very unstable, not to mention its hateful DRM!!!!

So here is the deal!!!

EA feels bad about it!!! Because of that, they are going to give you a free game!!! I mean, Another free gam

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Guild Wars 2, Flame and Frost – Synopsis

Flame and Frost Prelude is the name of the patch released by the end of January, what I really like about this patch is that is full of changes and new stuff. It looks like Arenanet is taking the fun things about Guild Wars 2 and enhancing them for our own joy, or at least my own enjoyment.

I am kind of happy with this update, it takes away some annoying things and it also add more useful stuff, like the guesting system and the daily quests rotation. It’s good to know that I don’t have to keep doing the same routing every day anymore. I heard that some people is complaining about this, but do we really want to do the same friggin thing over and over again? I thought some people no longer do the daily quest because is repetitive and boring. If that is true, we should give the new daily rotation a warm welcome.

There is so much stuff in this patch, fractal improvements, the guesting system, a new form of currency (the laurels), bug fixes, graphical updates, optimizations and some tweaks in

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2012 is gone, Synopsis...

2012 is gone!!! The gaming history books keep getting bigger and our list of games is a bit larger. A lot of things happened in 2012, some of them are important and some others are not. So I am only going to write down in this piece of paper the ones that I believe are the important ones.

The Secret World was released in July 3, after years of development, the classless game is out. The game was a bit controversial and received mixed reviews. Some people praised its uniqueness and some others bashed the sterile feeling of the game in some aspects.

In December, the subscription fee was eliminated, turning the game into some sort of B2P game with a cash shop and premium services.

SWTOR takes the F2P route… After so much drama around this game and all the population problems, the game finally takes the F2P route. Unfortunately it was seen by some people as some sort of cheap trick because the limitations in the free components are way too much.

Some people believe that SWTOR is a P2P g

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EVE Retribution Trailer...

Hey everyone, check out the new EVE Retribution trailer, its probably one of the best trailers about EVE around the place, much better than the Tyrannis and Crucible ones and is a lot better than the Incarna trailer lol!...

Badass character, badass action scenes, etc... Too bad that we dont get to do something so amazing in eve at all, well, maybe from time to time...

Just make sure that you are not Vic!...

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SWTOR - "Ilum" is DEAD!!!!!

Hey peeps, guess what!!! Ilum! The problematic PvP planet is gone, dead, lost, Kaputt!!! A few days ago the Death Star made a short trip in time with the help of the Enterprise-J and destroyed this hell hole out of the galaxy. BOOM!!!!  No more endgame issues, everything is solved and once again we have some sort of balance in the force...

Ok, I know... I know!!!! That was 'Uberly' exaggerated but it looks like Bioware gave up for the moment, they even admitted that the planet is not working well and they are going to move the rewards into some other place...

From what I have seen the 1.1.5 patch moved the Ilum rewards into the warzones and 1.2 its probably going to kill the planet for good????? I am sure that Bioware is going to do something with the planet, I mean, they already

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