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The Elder Scrolls Online - Time to move on...!!??

Hey peeps, around a month ago, I said that I wasn’t going to write down a review about The Elder Scrolls Online, there is plenty of reviews around the net, some of them are positive and some of them are negative. The game is the kind of game that you better like it as it is, or hate it! There is very little in between as we all know.

The thing is that I am in that small spot, the little bit that is in between. I do like the game for its own merits and I do believe that a lot of the complains around the internet are pure garbage. But at the same time what is killing the game for me is almost nowhere to be found, is like a small minority of people manage to dig up some of the game issues right now.

A lot of people are focusing on the game bugs or glitches, you name them. What they don’t tell a

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Mobile Reviews - Trail Xtreme 3

Trail Xtreme 3 is a very fun game, one that is challenging at the start but eventually it becomes into a total blast to play. The game is all about jumping around in a motorbike, trying to overcome all the obstacles and sometimes puzzles. Stunts are the thing to see in this game, sometimes they will make me laugh and some other times… Scream a little bit.


The game does look so friggin good for an Android game, the game does have everything cover up in the graphics department. From the menus to the actual environments and places, everything looks like it was a job well done. The developers of this game really put some time on the visuals. As there is plenty to like in here.

There is plenty of places in the game to race around, mountain tops, seaports, beaches and a few other biomes a

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Mobile Reviews - Rolling Cube

Hey peeps, Rolling Cube is a puzzle game, one that is really good and a bit special. The first thing to notice is that as the title says, you are a cube... or... more accurately a stack of 2 cubes rolling around the map, trying to solve the puzzle and moving on to the next level. It looks simple but there is a lot to like in this game.


The game gameplay is what makes this game special, you start in a fixed position in your map and you must try to reach the exit of the map, getting there can be easy from time to time, but doing it right is what makes the game a real challenge! You have to stand on top of the exit vertically. What makes things more challenging is that sometimes the map doesnt have enough space for you to make your move the way your really feel like doing it. There is

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Mobile Reviews - Dead Defence

Hey peeps, today I was playing Dead Defence, a game that I do like it a little bit because is a tower defense kind of game but at the same time I dislike it because it does have some serious design flaws. Its the kind of game that will pretty much put you into a gray area.


The graphics of this game is the first time that put me on edge, I dont know if I like them or not, because some stuff like the terrain, the turrets, the mindless Zombies trying to destroy your base look great, but at the same time the menus are an absolute nightmare!!! They are so friggin small, I am not kidding, every single button in this game is so small, I usually have a hard time pressing a menu button with my pinky finger, that is how tiny they are.

Other than the small issue, everything else seems to be coo

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