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Is Guild Wars 2 Worth Playing in 2017? A Guild Wars 2 Review

Hey everyone!

So this is a question I get all the time. "Is Guild Wars 2 worth playing?", "Should I invest time and effort into Guild Wars 2?", "Is Guild Wars 2 pay to win?".

Therefore I guess right now is as good a time as any to jump right into this and tackle the "Is it worth playing in 2017" thing head-on.

Below is my video on whether or not Guild Wars 2 is worth playing currently. 

If you're looking for a full review, or a text-version of this video, then you could alternatively check my Guild Wars 2 article out. 

Please let me know what you think in the comments section down below! 

Regards, Stix. 

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New Upcoming MMORPGs in 2017 You Should Look Forward To!

What's up everyone! I'm back with another article and video regarding New Upcoming MMORPGs in 2017 You Should Look Forward To!

These are MMORPGs coming out in 2017, or at the very least have the potential to come out in 2017. 

These are not every single MMORPG coming out in 2017, but these are the ones I am definitely most looking forward to at this point. Whether or not they turn out good or bad remains to be seen but at the very least these are the ones I believe will be the very best. That no-one ever was.

You can read the entire text-version of this article/video over on our website.

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MMOByte's Top 10 Upcoming MMORPGs of 2017

Hey guys! First blog on here.
To kick start our joining MMOSite, I figure I should probably start off by posting our most popular video: The Top 10 Upcoming MMORPGs of 2017.
All our top 10s are lists of games that both Wiggy and I are most excited to not only play, but share gameplay of with everyone, so please keep in mind these are in no way the greatest MMORPGs that're coming out - simply the ones we're most hyped for.

If you agree with any of the games in the list, disagree with any of them, or just.. generally want to talk about them, feel free to drop a comment below and let us know!

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