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New World is Amazon Game Studios’ upcoming sand-box MMORPG set in their 17th century colonial period of America. In its world, the supernatural is real. Nature spirits roam in the woods and more horrible things hide in the shadows. New World is an open-ended sandbox in which how you play, what you do and whom you work with or against is entirely up to you. You can live and go through the cursed land on your own or band together to reclaim the horrific monster-haunted wilderness of America to build towns, fortresses and thriving civilizations.

Recent leaks has sprouted some hype back into New World with just enough information to talk about. They are unconfirmed leaks, however as you will see in the video, the footage shows three different characters with clothing and weapons that fit in the game’s 17th century setting. Watch the video to see more leaks and find out more about the game concepts and features!

More New World News and Information: http://mmopulse.com/game/new-world-mmorpg-by-amazon

Screenshots of development and art concepts:

New World   MMORPG  

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