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Tree of Savior is expanding its classes once more and adding new classes for each base class as well.

For Swordsman: Dragoon Circle 3, Templar Circle 3, Murmillo Circle 2, Lancer Circle 2 and the new class, Matador.
For Wizard: Warlock Circle 3, Featherfoot Circle 3, Sage Circle 2, Enchanter Circle 2, and the new class, Shadowmancer.
For Cleric: Plague Doctor Circle 3, Kabbalist Circle 3, Inquisitor Circle 2, Taoist Circle 2, and the new class, Zealot.
For Archer: Cannoneer Circle 3, Musketeer Circle 3, Hackapell Circle 2, Mergen Circle 2, and the new class, Bullet Marker.

At this time, these classes are still upcoming and will be coming with several changes to the class progression system.

Tree of Savior New Classes  

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