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Here are ups and downs for The Mythical Realm 2's character creation. Mythical Realm 2 is a Wuxia themed MMORPG with a flight system.

• All classes can play as all four body types.
• There's a lot of freedom when it comes to the range of sliders for body parts. The creator let me create some bizarre looking creatures as can be seen in the video below.
• The actual characters are very detailed. No part of the body is chunky in graphics.
• The last 10 creations are automatically saved and can be opened up at any time.

• The creator has many similarities with Revelation Online's character creator, way too many.
• The majority of the hair styles are copied from other games such as Revelation Online and some anime like Guilty Crown. I am inclined to believe there is not a single hair style that is unique to The Mythical Realm 2.
• There is no RGB colorwheel, and few color options to choose from.

If you are interested in a review of The Mythical Realm 2's gameplay, you can read that here:


The Mythical Realm 2  

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