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The cel-shaded hard-core PvP MMORPG, Tale of Toast is finally in early access on Steam since February 23, 2018. IT is free-to-play now Tale of Toast so if Tale of Toast looks like it's something you want to play, check out their Steam page here!

Tale of Toast is an indie developed MMORPG by Toasty Leaf AB. Initially developed by only two people, the game offers many well thought out features. There are no classes! You choose the character you become through raising skill trees. Become a pure melee warrior or a hybrid between mage and ranger.

What about the PvP? Well, therea re various zones with different restrictions. In some, you can kill and take the equipment of others. There are guild wars, world PvP, PvP arenas and duels.

Is it Pay to Win? No, there are micro-transactions, but they are only for cosmetic items, pets, guild features, character renames and realm transfers.

More Tale of Toast information: https://mmopulse.com/game/tale-of-toast

Here are some in-game screenshots:

Tale of Toast   Early Access  

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