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Bless Online’s Rebuild Project is now in “Season 3” with the latest patch from 9/28. There's been many changes so far, and in the video below I talk about the state of the testing phase as well as the direction the game is headed. Although the development for the Rebuild Project has been slow, it appears that Neowiz is listening to and making changes based on tester feedback.

Some latest updates that have come include the remodeled Siege of Castra battleground and humanoid Mascu racial skin choice.

Neowiz has clarified that Bless Online is still going to be localized to North America, but details of this is yet to surface; including expected beta or release dates. However, Neowiz will be attending TwitchCon 2017 on October 22nd and bringing Bless Online with them, so new information may surface soon.

Bless Online  

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