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Revelation is a game with a multitude of "quality of life" features. A good number of which are on the user interface. It's a topic that is covered rarely, for the reason being.. most MMO's have lackluster and similar UIs. I feel that this game's UI has a lot of noteworthy features. From making raids easier to roleplay friendly features, here are some of our favorites.

1. Map Functions to make noted marks, and to search for any NPC.
2. Easily changeable facial expressions
3. Savable chat history
4. Raid markers
5. Screen filter

Revelation has its complexities; from gearing to stats. These small, but helpful functions add up and make the game exceptionally smoother.

What quality of life things from older games would you like to see in new MMOs like Revelation?

Revelation Online   Revelation   Revelation Game  

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