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Ragnarok: Zero has released a new free to play server for South Korean players on December 5, 2017! Ragnarok: Zero is an MMORPG set as a prequel to the original Ragnarok Online. Many of its features are the same as the original Ragnarok Online such as the classic 2D visuals, the pet and card system and self-allocated stats. What it offers that are new are daily PvP tournaments and arenas and PvE challenges. Ragnarok Zero offers a classic experience before the renewal. A chance to relive the old Ragnarok Online experience.

Ragnarok: Zero Opening animation:

A lot of changes have been done to this title for this launch such as faster leveling, advanced gear combinations, enraged monsters, and functional cash shop.

For the first two days, South Koreans have complained that its servers have been nothing but a lag fest. Only two days after its release, it was forced to shut down service and go into maintenance mode. Today, its servers are now back up and those with accounts can play it again.

Find out more and play the game here: http://roz.gnjoy.com/

Ragnarok Zero  

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