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Project Z, the Chinese Isometric MMORPG went into a closed beta last week and now we can review its gameplay. If you haven't heard about Project Z yet, it's a medieval MMORPG with gameplay similar to games such as Lineage Eternal and Lost Ark. Features include farming, housing, sea gameplay, dungeons, and more. The game is developed by game developer ChangYou, the same people in charge of the Chinese version of Warframe and the upcoming God Slayer.

From the beta we have seen that its combat system appears to be tab target, with flashy and beautiful skill effects, but unsatisfactory attacks. We can also see a lot of game assets that have been copied from other notable games such as BGM from Aion and Skyrim, skill icons from World of Warcraft and ArcheAge. You can see all and more of these in my news video below.

Project Z MMORPG  

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