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The new MMORPG introduced in NCSoft’s G-Star 2017 lineup Project TL had more than a few very familiar game assets in its trailer. Now we know that Project TL is actually the Lineage Eternal remake that has been rumored since August! It will still be the prequel to the original Lineagegame. Lineage Eternal has been scrapped! Due to the heavily negative feedback from Lineage Eternal’s closed betas, NCSoft has made the decision to completely reboot the project under the name “Project TL”.

South Korean gamers that have been long fans of the Lineage series had been greatly disappointed by Lineage Eternal’s gameplay as it provided a multi-character system and mostly solo content. NCSoft’s answer? A completely new developing team, a transition from the Guild Wars 2 engine to Unreal Engine 4 and a lot of re-designed gameplay features. They’ve completely dropped the multi-character system! Find out more in my video below or visit my overview: http://mmopulse.com/game/project-tl

Project TL  

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