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The Sand-box MMORPG Peria Chronicles developed by Thingsoft and to be published by Nexon is confirmed to be skipping on the upcoming G-Star 2017. The head of Nexon's online game division has said that they have chosen to do so because they do not want to waste time on creating a demo version to present to the G-Star convention and would rather keep working on the development of the game.

We can expect more news in winter and a playable version is hinted to come in December! It is not yet known what stage the game will come or who will be able to participate, only that the Korean news articles translates to "PC MMORPG, Chronicles of Peria being developed by ThingSoft will be released in December." There has not been a playable version prior to this.

Peria Chronicles’ team manager said last year in an interview that they are working hard to release the game at the end of 2017 or early 2018, but there are many that already accepted this to be a delayed project since Nexon had not given any updates on the matter for the entirety of this year until now. While it is surprising, it is great news to hear that Peria Chronicles is on its way!

The Korean news source article google translates to "PC MMORPG, Chronicles of Peria being developed by ThingSoft will be released in December." But also states that more news is coming this winter. It is possible something will be playable in December, but not certain based on this. I expect big news to come in December since I do not think Peria's team would want to miss an event as big as G-star for nothing.

Source: http://www.thisisgame.com/webzine/news/nboard/4/?n=77107

Peria Chronicles  

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