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Peria Chronicles has been running low key for more than a few months, and lately there have been talks of news on the game's progress in the near future. While a good number of players may know about the existence of Peria Chronicles, most have not heard of its many amazing and unique features. Some notable ones being the Kirana-based combat system, terraforming, mini-game creation, and player-made dungeons.Today I will tell you about those features and why Peria Chronicles is a game I highly recommend you keep an eye out for.

Peria Chronicles is a very player driven game in which a lot of the content are created by the players, and how those content are played are also decided by the players. Check it out in the video below, and the timestamps for sections and notable points are listed in the pinned comment.

Model: Free To Play

Developer: Thingsoft

Status: Early Development

Peria Chronicles  

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