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Just this week, Chronicles of Elyria announced in a very long, end of the year recap post of 2017, that they will be stopping their usage of the developing platform, SpatialOS. They will be utilizing in-house means for further development. Now, SpatialOS is not a game engine, it is simply a platform on which Chronicles of Elyria could be built, meaning its developers still had to write all of its code. From myunderstanding of the long blog announcement, Chronicles of Elyria is essentially saying that the game could be brought to life easier, cheaper and perhaps faster without SpatialOS as a means of foundation building.

More about Chronicles of Elyria - https://mmopulse.com/game/chronicles-of-elyria

Here is what they had to say about it:

"When this happened, the engineering guild and I spent several meetings exploring our options with respect to shimming an interop layer between SpatialOS and our JavaScript-based backend. But in the end, we realized that it would be too time-consuming and error-prone to try to continue to use SpatialOS when we already had an efficient routing and communication protocol, an architecture that allowed for scalability and fault tolerance, and a persistent storage solution that enabled us to track and update the state of the world. So, as of the end of 2017, Chronicles of Elyria is no longer using SpatialOS, and is entirely built on the Soulborn Engine. We really enjoyed working with the folks over at Improbable and we are still looking forward to how their platform impacts the online gaming industry as a whole. Their technology is still an extremely powerful solution for virtually all distributed simulations out there. But for our particular technology choices and game mechanics, it just wasn’t the ideal solution.

They also talked about the financial viability of having Chronicles of Elyria hosted by SpatialOS' owner, Improrable.

"..we started to have some concerns about the financial viability of SpatialOS for our needs. Whenever you use SpatialOS you're also signing up to have your game hosted by Improbable. That has the benefit of lowering operations costs, but has the drawback of passing all the hosting fees they pay to their cloud partner onto us. It also means we don't have the ability to choose a hosting partner - whether cloud, bare metal, or dedicated servers that meet our performance needs. And CoE has some very specific needs! In specific, our use of Offline Player Characters (OPCs), the extremely large size of our world, the vast number of entities in the world, and the way we divide our game server up into dozens of different worker types meant that SpatialOS was particularly expensive for our use-cases. Our philosophy has always been about keeping our hosting fees low so we could pass those savings onto you. With SpatialOS, our hosting fees would have been more expensive, which would have forced us to increase our prices - something we didn’t want to do."

SpatialOS is created by Improrable Worlds Limited and is ussed by multiple games today such as Worlds Adrift, Fractured and Identity.

You can see the full official post here on Chronciles of Elyria's website: https://chroniclesofelyria.com/blog/23401/A-Year-of-Foundation

Chronicles of Elyria  

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