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Not long after the release of the new MapleStory character Cadena, Nexon is at it again with the latest addition to the playable characters, Illium! As part of the Nova series, this is the second part called "Nova: Brilliance of Illium". The prior update that released the Cadena character is called "Nova: Liberation of Cadena".

MapleStory game information: https://mmopulse.com/game/maplestory

Illium uses a special item called the "Lucent Gauntlet" to craft magical weapons and Lucent Wings as his secondary weapon. There was a chance for players to pre-make the Illium character and now those can be played! Illium is an INT based Magician/Flora.

Cadena is a Nova Thief and only survivor to evil Magnus' attack on the Helesium royal family. Seeking revenge, she has trained with Shadow Merchants to hone her skills with her weapons of choice. Her main weapon is a chain with warp forge as her secondary weapon. She is a LUK based character.

With Cadena and Illium, it certainly seems like MapleStory plans to go into 2018 with a lot of attractions for players to return to. Not a bad plan!

MapleStory Nova  

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