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KoG Games has released more footage of their upcoming PvP heavy action combat game 'KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos'. It has recently been confirmed by KoG that KurtzPel is a reinterpretation of Grand Chase in an alternate timeline! Its world is called "The World of Erthesia". A backstory video has been shared as well as an official trailer that shows off character creation, PvP, and PvE that we did not see before in previous teasers. KurtzPel's PvE will have 2-man coop dungeons. There are four classes so far and currently they are known as Karmas.

Kurtzpel game overview and videos: http://mmopulse.com/game/kurtzpel

KurtzPel is going to run on Unreal Engine 4 and have gamepad controls. KurtzPel's director has said that one of the reasons for choosing UE4 is its flexibility with multiple platforms. This gives them room for more than just PC in the event that the game decides to take the console or mobile route.


Sword of Talaimh
Wields: 2-handed Greatsword
Role: Defense/Crowd Control
Benefit: High sustainability

Dual Soul
Wields: Two short swords
Role: Offense
Benefit: Maneuverability

Dance of wind
Wields: Bow & Arrow
Role: Range Offense
Benefit: Long range

Diabolic Witch
Wields: Magic Staff
Role: Magic Offense
Benefit: Long range
KurtzPel Bringer of Chaos  

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