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Kritika Online recently released the Psion class character, Eclair. The character was released at the beginning of this month and has since received good feedback. Personally, by far it is the most fun class I have played in Kritika Online. And that's saying a lot because on top of all four characters in the Western version, I have also played all of the unreleased classes including the latest one in Korea and China, the Archer.

Eclair offers superior mid-range capabilities and is not too difficult to control. I definitely prefer Eclair's Korean voice actress more than the English, but you can see for yourself how the English voice acting is and a bit of Eclair's early gameplay.

More on Kritika: https://mmopulse.com/game/kritika-online

With Eclair now on the table, there are now five total playable class in NA and EU. Nobleria, Monk, and Archer have yet to be released.

Kritika Online   Psion Eclair  

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