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With Bless Online Rebuild Project’s development continued in the recently released Japanese open beta, there are many hints on the content and type of game we will see for the global version. Here are my thoughts and predictions on what we can expect to see in Bless Online’s upcoming Steam release next year.

Bless Online was first announced to the world at the end of 2011. In this video, I go over the journey Bless has gone through from the harsh first Korean beta, the Russian catastrophe and to its rebuilding. Drastic changes have been implemented to the game since it was revealed. Some for the worse and a lot for the better!

My basis are from all versions of the game that I have played, which follows:

Russia CBT & OBT ➜ KR OBT ➜ KR Rebuild ➜ Japan OBT.

Check out Bless Online's updated character creation on my previous article here:


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You can read about Bless Online's classes, races and gameplay on the game's official global site:


Bless Online 2018  

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