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Booming Games, the China-based game developer has opened beta sign ups for the sandbox medieval civilization and warfare combat game, Conqueror's Blade. The game was initially unveiled after more than five years of development in E3 2017.

Conqueror's Blade puts together action combat with tactical movements with one's army. The gameplay includes of controllable medieval teams where players command dozens of powerful and varying troops from Eastern samurai to Western knight in large-scale siege-like scenarios of over 1,000 troops in battle on-screen simultaneously.

You can see a bit of its gameplay here:

Conqueror's Blade will have realistic world effects when it comes to explosions and combat. The battle field in which players clash their legions are massive sandbox landscapes that will have sandstorms and thunderstorms as weather in the world.

The goal in this world is.. to CONQUER! Players wage war in both 1v1, 5v5, and 15v15 battles to plunder resources and improve their troops. Owning territories grant resources and so if you have claimed one, you defend it against other players. If not, you can conquer one.

You can go to the game's website to pre-register for the beta. All you have to do is click on "Apply for Beta Test" sidebar link and a sign up will show up.

Beta sign-up: https://www.conquerorsblade.com/homepage

Game screenshots:

Conqueror's Blade  

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