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The action combat medieval strategy game Conqueror's Blade recently opened its doors globally with a closed beta. I was lucky enough to gain access and take some video footage. The game was fully in English! Conqueror's Blade is originally a Chinese game published by Netease, but the English voices, while still having heavy accents were clear and very easy to understand.

Conqueror's Blade puts together action combat with tactical movements with a chosen class role and one's army to command. The gameplay includes of controllable medieval teams where players command dozens of powerful and varying troops from Eastern samurai to Western medieval knight of old in large-scale siege-like scenarios of over 1,000 troops in battle.

Conqueror's Blade game overview: 

Here is the game's tutorial combat gameplay:

This introduces basics of movement, mounts, attacking with one's character and commanding infantry.

Here is the game's simple character creation:

There are a few design choices and choices are pre-made.


Conqueror's Blade  

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