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Nexon’s Korean version of Closers Online is getting a new addition to their playable characters. Her name is Luna Aegis. So far we know from teasers that she is a shield wielding female character. She is the second playable character to join as part of the the Wild Hϋter group after Wolfgang Schneider Aside from that, not much is known of her gameplay style yet, like whether she will be a close combat brawler, mid-range, or long range. We will know more in the coming few days.

She is the 12th character addition to Closers. Currently we know that Luna will be patched in to the Korean version on December 21, 2017. Expect to hear more about her from me soon!

There is an event for Luna Aegis on the Korean closers website: http://closers.nexon.com/events/2017/12/07/Promotion.aspx

Closers   Luna Aegis  

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