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Bless Online's Rebuild Test Server is now live and available for players with valid KR accounts. If you are interested in playing, here is how.

Official guide: https://mmopulse.com/guide/bless-online-rebuild-project-test-server-download-guide-kr

Get an Account

Step 1. Get a South Korean Social Security Number, so be a S. Korean citizen or know a friend from S. Korea who will let you use his SSN. Oh, you will also need a S. Korean phone number to confirm your residency.

Step 2. Register here: https://account.pmang.com/SignUp_account

*Alternatively, you can buy an account from websites.

Download and Install

Step 1. Go to the download page: http://bless.pmang.com/rebuild/index.nwz

Click the button on the right:button

Step 2. A confirmation will pop up. Click to Open Pmang Game Launcher.b6.PNG

There may be another Windows pop-up asking for confirmation to run the Pmang Launcher.

Step 3. The Pmang icon will appear in your system tray.

Step 4. Shortly after the icon appears, a EULA agreement window will pop up. Check the box then click the red button to confirm your agreement to the EULA.


Step 5. A window will pop up for specifying download location.b5

Step 6. The test client will start downloading.downa

Launching The Test Client

Step 1. Have VPN activated with a South Korean IP address.

Step 2. Log in to your account: https://secure.pmang.com/plogin.nwz

Step 3. Click on the right launcher labeled “Beta” on the Pmang main page.
log in

Step 4. You will be redirected to the page show below. Click on the big red button.button 2.png

Step 5. You can disconnect the VPN when the game client is up. It does not need to be fully loaded.

That's all! Enjoy playing on the Rebuild Project Test Server.

Bless Online   BLESS  

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