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A console version of Bless Online may be flying lowkey under the radar with Neowiz hiring for several positions related to console game development, including programmers, a project manager, UI designers, and character artists.

The companion update was patched into the test server a few days ago giving access to the new taming, legendary mount skins, and new companion upgrading.

They put in a bunch of new items related to this system in the cash shop. Growth Elixirs, Blessing Powders, and Upgrade Stones all related to helping you get a higher rank and higher level companion more easily. This is for testing purposes on the live servers so that the legendary mounts and pets can be obtained in the time period of the test phase. It's not guaranteed that the companion upgrade items will be in the cash shop only, but I can say that it is very likely that cash shop will be the main source of it.

Nocht Horse Bless

The way to level up mounts and pets fundamentally stayed the same, you sacrifice other companions to gain experience for ones you want to level up, with a few tweaks added here and there such as gaining experience for companion usage.

Nocht Bless legendary lion

Bless Online   BLESS  

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