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Kritika Online Upcoming Archer Class "Sky Dancer" Revealed For KR/CN!

The Chinese and Korean versions of Kritika Online are getting a brand new class addition of the un-named archer/falconer class. She wields a bow and fights with her long-time eagle companion! The new class, Sky Dancer will be playable in CN and KR on July 6.

Tencent, the Chinese publisher for Kritika is allowing players to choose the nicknames of the class AND the bird companion.

It's likely still it is still many moons away from being in En Masse's hands, but it's really great to see that there is still heavy development going on for the original version. We've got much to look forward to for NA, with a total of now four unreleased classes.

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Bless Online - NA/EU Community Considering Options For English Release (Steam Direct, Self-Publish)

The English community of Bless has been discussing and brainstorming several options in response to the recent news of Neowiz (developer) and Gamigo (publisher) mutually agreeing to cancel Bless's development and publication in North America and Europe.

From the looks of things, a lot of players are growing tired of the wait and all of the push backs. There's lots of talks of what could possibly be done to bring a playable English version of Bless like Neowiz self-publishing the game with the new STEAM Direct. So far it's just talks and ideas, but these are valid and very plausible points raised by the English community. STEAM releases are fairly common for KR companies to do anyways. Take Tree of Savior and Black Desert Online for example. I believe these ideas have been sent to Neowiz directly as suggestions. Only time will tell.

More discussion here: http://bless-source.com/forum/index.php/Thread/16182-Bless-Early-Access-on-Steam-Would-you-support-it/


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Revelation Online CN Releases Misha Cat Mounts (Exclusive In NA/EU/RU)

The 'Misha' flying cat mount that was made for Revelation NA/EU/RU founder's packs a few months ago are now being released in the Chinese version.

Revelation RU had the white cat, and Revelation NA/EU's $79 deluxe founder's pack had the gray cat.

Revelation CN will now have both.

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Ashes of Creation - The Underrealm & The Tulnar Race (Playable Race)

We've gotten quite a bit of information and art concepts for the Underrealm and the Tulnar race that dwell within it, so here's everything I could find on them from various livestreams, discord, and forum posts tied together.

We don't know for certain if these will be available when the game initially releases, but it's been hinted that they will be.

Credits, sources, and links in the description.

"The Underrealm will be a rich environment where bio-luminescence abounds in the fauna and flora that exist here.  These deep caverns and underground valleys will provide new destinations for civilization to develop.  Bringing the node system into the depths of the world, may awaken darker creatures than the surface. Be careful..."

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Kritika Online News: New Fatigue System, Monetization/Economy, Changes to Dungeon Difficulty & More


Here are important information about Kritika Online's NA CBT1 version, the changes made to the Fatigue System, Dungeon difficulty, and the new limitations to the economy system put in place by En Masse Entertainment.

They are actively looking and accepting feedback on all the topics I covered. Try out the game and let them know what you think of their CBT.

Learn more and download on their site: https://kritika.enmasse.com/

NA servers are up. European servers will be available in OPEN BETA.

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BLESS News - New Skill System, Auto-path, and UI Updates


Bless Online JP version came with a couple of updates that we'll likely see on the NA/EU betas as well. Here's everything I could find on the new skill system, auto-path function, and a few others.

If you're looking to try this game, keep in mind that Bless RU is shutting down in a few days, Bless KR is still up, Bless JP is in between beta stages. Bless NA/EU is TBA (expected late 2017/early 2018).

Currently we still have no news on the beta dates, but I will let you know as soon as I see the announcement!

Here's my previous article on BLESS about the combat rework and Cash Shop "Pay To Win" topic.


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Ashes of Creation - Game Features

Here's a look at the important game features Ashes of Creation will have when it is out. I covered as many topics that MMORPG players like myself tend to want to know before backing, following, or playing a game.

Everything I talked about is from official Intrepid Studios livestreams, Q&A’s, announcements, trailers, community compiled information documents, and forum posts.

Of course everything I talk about is prone to change since Intrepid Studios has only put a bit over a year in development into Ashes of Creation.

  • EXPECTED NDA Alpha: Late 2017
  • EXPECTED Alpha/Beta: 2018
  • EXPECTED Release: Before 2020

Register here (referral link):


Non-referral link alternative:


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Bless Online 10 Tips For New Players

Here are 10 tips specifically aimed for new and starting players of Bless Online.

The RU servers will close on May 25th, but KR servers will stay open. JP servers are going in CBT on the 28th, and Aeria Games is meeting with Neowiz to discuss the western release! I'm expecting to hear some good news for NA/EU version soon..

These are some things that I feel will help you out and likely make your experience with Bless much better, especially early on.

More Bless videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7D7_Q__66kqi1snO3LdzMlQ8fL0_Frsc

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Revelation Online's Future Updates We'll Likely Not See Right Away in Open Beta

Revelation's Open beta is now!

Officials on the Revelation forums have said that they plan to get as close to the Chinese version as possible for the open beta, but we received a much older version of the game.

Here are some major updates in CN I feel will take some time before reaching the NA/EU version.

Housing Updates, Assassin, Class Transfers, New Special Skills

REGISTER HERE FOR OPEN BETA: https://mrs.my.com/r/ff21d8d8
This is a sponsored link. The video is not sponsored.

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Revelation Online's Trade Runs Explained

Guilds require funding to pay for construction and maintenance of buildings. The best way to get funding is through Specialty Trading. It is similar to trade runs in BDO and Archeage in a sense that you will transport specialty goods for profit.

Normal PK rules apply to those on alpacas and cart when doing trade runs. They can be killed. Their specialty goods will drop on the ground as a chest. Only the original owner can pick up the chest for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, it will be lootable by anyone with merchant mode and riding an alpaca or cart.

The full in-depth guide can be found on my site here:


✧ REGISTER HERE: https://mrs.my.com/r/ff21d8d8
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