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Bless Online Global Version's Steam Early Access & Testing Phase

The global release of Bless Online on Steam was announced last week, and to follow up with the hype, Neowiz has posted an FAQ on the game's Steam News page. It is confirmed that there will be a testing phase and an early access phase before the final release in 2018! Many details still remain unannounced like who exactly will be eligble to test and what prices "early access" packages will be. A date is also yet to be announced.

We do however know that at this time, Neowiz is uncertain of whether Bless Online should be free to play or not. There is a possibility that we may see Bless Online as a buy-to-play game for its global version.

What do you think of a non-free-to-play Bless Online?

Watch more of my Bless content by subscribing to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/nocht

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Maplestory 2 Chinese Open Beta Has Finally Started!

Maplestory 2 opened its doors in China with an open beta on September 21. Tencent Games is its publisher, the same company handling League of Legends, Blade and Soul, ArcheAge, Moonlight Blade, and Monster Hunter Online for the region.

The Korean version requires both a South Korean Social Security number and phone number while the Chinese version only requires Chinese information that are much easier to generate online, so it's a lot easier to get into as a Western player.

There’s no announcement for a Western version yet, but Maplestory was a pretty big game for the West back in the day, so I’m sure there’s a lot of fans that would love to see it localized in NA, regardless of it not doing so well in South Korea. Be it for nostalgia or to start something new.

The game features similar ch

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Bless Online Rebuild New Character Creation Features Added

The Rebuild Project of Bless Online has been slowly bringing in updates to the character creation process. Today we received updates related to gear including a transcendence system, succession system that are meant to allow gear upgrades to be transferred.

The patch included some updates with character creation as well. More preset options for colors and body part types have been added. The default selection for hair color, make up, and skin has been increased from 32 to 64!

An RGB color picker has been added as well for hair color, beard color, eye colors, tattoo color and a few others.

Here is the RGB color picker.

The Human-like loli Mascu that will be available as a choice in the character creation was delayed, but is still coming to the Rebuild Test.

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ArcheAge 4.0 Update Will Reach NA & EU This Year + More!

Trion Worlds recently announced that the upcoming major 4.0 Update for ArcheAge will be applied to the North American and European version of the game!

What will be in it? Well, a new PVP naval arena, cross-server arenas, lunagem crafting revisions, raid recruitment system, and UI changes.

✦ The naval arena is called Bloodsalt Bay where crews of 5 can fight to dominate the waters of Bloodsalt Bay. Each team will be competing against 3 other ships.

✦ Luna Gem Upgrading has been simplified and success rates changed.

✦ New cross-server arena system will have 3v3 and 5v5.

✦ Raid recruitment Board will be up for those looking to recruit members for raids.

I talked about it in my video below as well as the merge and other MMORPG recent news.

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ArcheAge Server Evolution! A Look At The Merge

Twelve legacy servers have been merged into four new servers, Conviction, Thunderwing, Tempest, and Retribution! The entire Western version of the game was shut down for three whole days to get the servers merged. There’s a lot of hype in the ArcheAge community right now as merges in this game tend to be very interesting. So far, the "evolution" has been successful with previously empty housing areas being filled again, and much more lively world events for these new servers.

Immediately we felt the effect, with another land rush, and huge competition with major activities such as Kraken and Mistmerrow with dominating guilds and players of their respective previous servers bunched into one new fresh world.

North America
Ollo, Tahyang, and Salphira will be evolved into CONVICTION.

Morpheus, Nazar, and Hanure will be evolved into THUNDERWING.

Kyprosa, Dahuta, and Rangora will be evolved into TEMPEST.

Leviathan, Anthalon, and Sirothe will be evolved into RETRIBUTION.

Here is a look at

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Bless Online Rebuild Test Server Download & Installation Guide

Bless Online's Rebuild Test Server is now live and available for players with valid KR accounts. If you are interested in playing, here is how.

Download and Install

Step 1. Go to the download page: http://bless.pmang.com/rebuild/index.nwz

Click the button on the right:

Step 2. A confirmation will pop up. Click to Open Pmang Game Launcher.

There may be another Windows pop-up asking for confirmation to run the Pmang Launcher.

Step 3. The Pmang

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Bless Online Rebuild Testing Begins (KR) And New Gear Upgrade Features

Bless Online KR begins its public testing for the "Rebuild Project" on August 1, 10:00 AM Korea Time. The client pre-download is available now.

Two classes will be missing in this version. Mystic and Ranger will not be available at the launch on 'Project Rebuild' Test Server. We've also received information on the new features being added to the upgrade system. They are gear strengthening, gear evolution, and an item to transfer stats and upgrades from one equipment to another of similar type.

If you want more details on the coming major changes to BLESS with the "Rebuild Project", read my previous article here: http://my.mmosite.com/7642415/blog/item/bless_online_major_updates_details.html

Pre-download for the Rebuild client is here: http://bless.pmang.com/rebuild

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Bless Online Details on Upcoming Major Updates!

A few days ago, Korean game developer, Neowiz announced that Bless Online will undergo some major changes in their “Rebuild Project”. Today, I come to you with details on those changes and information on the test server made for them.

Some changes include addition of features and options to the character creation, huge improvements in combat of certain classes, a more interactive taming system, transforming mounts based on progress, and more.

It’s also been confirmed that there is a new North American & European Project manager for Bless Online and that a Steam release is now being considered. Let’s hope that the game can be released some time this year!

Game: Bless Online

Korean name:블레스

Developer: Neowiz

Status: Korean Open Beta

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Kritika Online "Sky Dancer" Gameplay

The Chinese version of Kritika Online released the new falcon master, bow wielder "Sky Dancer" class just a few weeks ago, and so I got the chance to take it for a spin. I've been playing it more and more, so here's my gameplay of the early level dungeons.

The archer class excels in mobility more than any other starting class. You'll see that I am able to cover long distances and move across almost entire portions of dungeons in a single long dodge (carried by falcon). Creating distance easily and keeping damage consistent while doing so are the two biggest advantage I was able to find for the class.

If you would like to try this class, it is available in CN only. Likely it will be a while until it reaches the Western version. It will be available in KR on August 3.

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Revelation Online Releases Loli Race For All Classes (CN)

Revelation Online's Chinese version brings us some interesting news once again.. They have released the loli race to ALL classes!

It was heavily requested by players, so it is not a surprise that Netease complied. Especially with the popularity of the loli assassin class back in December of last year.

This is only in the Chinese version right now. At the rate of content release for NA/EU version, I would not expect this to be available for the western audience any time soon.

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