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Blade & Soul 2 Teased at NCSoft’s Media Day Event

Blade and Soul 2, not to be confused with NetMarble's Blade and Soul: Revolution is an upcoming mobile MMORPG recently teased by NCSoft at their media day event. Blade and Soul 2 is claimed to be almost finished and will have a launch date in 2018, as said by an NCSoft employee. NetMarble's Blade and Soul: Revolution is being worked on by the same team that worked on the original PC version, while a separate team is creating Blade and Soul 2.

You can see Blade and Soul 2's teaser in the first 25 seconds of this video as well as the recently revealed gameplay of Blade and Soul: Revolution from G-Star 2017 throughout the video. Blade and Soul: Revolution is expected to come also in 2018. I also discuss NCSoft's recent massive success with the mobile platform for Q2 and Q3 of 2017 and the rise of mobile MMORPG adaptations in the Eastern gaming market.

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First Look at KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos Character Creation & PvP Gameplay

KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos is an action combat online game with cel-shaded anime graphics and PvP focused gameplay. Developed by KOG Games. It is currently in development by the same company that brought us the MMORPGs Elsword and Grand Chase, KOG Games.

The game offers a fast paced instanced PvP, instant weapon switching, combo heavy combat, and several character creation options from notable anime shows. Only PvP gameplay has been show so far on top of the character creation, but PvE content is under development.

KurtzPel is designed to be played on PC and will have gamepad controls. G-Star 2017 attendees will be able to play a demo version next week.

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Nexon's Peria Chronicles Skips G-Star 2017 To Focus On Development

The Sand-box MMORPG Peria Chronicles developed by Thingsoft and to be published by Nexon is confirmed to be skipping on the upcoming G-Star 2017. The head of Nexon's online game division has said that they have chosen to do so because they do not want to waste time on creating a demo version to present to the G-Star convention and would rather keep working on the development of the game.

We can expect more news in winter and a playable version is hinted to come in December! It is not yet known what stage the game will come or who will be able to participate, only that the Korean news articles translates to "PC MMORPG, Chronicles of Peria being developed by ThingSoft will be released in December." There has not been a playable version prior to this.

Peria Chronicles’ team manager said last year in an interview that they are working hard to release the game at the end of 2017 or early 2018, but there are many that already accepted this to be a delayed project si

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Lineage II M New Mobile MMORPG by NCSoft

The first Lineage M became one of NCSoft's biggest success in the mobile market, so it's no surprise they're following up with a new mobile addition to the Lineage franchise; Lineage II M! NCSoft confirms that the game is made with Unreal Engine 4 aimed for high-end mobile devises such the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9. The world of Lineage II is described to an open world with no loading screens between maps, and all players will be in one server, one channel.

There is already an existing Lineage II mobile called Lineage II: Revolution by Netmarble, but this new take to Lineage II does not clash with it at all. Lineage II: Revolution is more of a spin-off while Linage II M will be closer to Lineage II on PC.

No game footage has been showing by NCSoft yet, only a teaser trailer shown below.

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Upcoming MMORPG "Project Z"

A new MMORPG came out of the blue, and it's called "Project Z". At least for now, the name may change in the future. Project Z is an isometric medival MMORPG about to go into closed beta in China. It has many similarities to the also upcoming Korean game Lost Ark.

Some game features we can see from the little media we have seen so far about Project Z include a housing system that can be furnished, ocean gameplay, and dungeons.

It's in early stages in China and no mention of an English or Western version yet, of course.

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MapleStory 2 Chinese Open Beta Gameplay Review

MapleStory 2 CN went into open beta and has been available to play since September 21, 2017! All it takes is to download and sign in with a valid QQ account. I already had one from other Chinese games, so it was fairly easy to get on and check it out. Hope you enjoy my short review!

I'm not very fond of the un-skippable cutscenes, so I'm going at it slow, however if you like what you saw in the video and want to play a fun theme park, I do still recommend MapleStory 2. The Chinese servers are quite lively. It is free to play anyway, and not difficult to get on to. I highly recommend some kind of ping booster though if you are playing outside of China.

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First Look at Closers Online's Western Alpha!

En Masse Entertainment has begun Closers Online's alpha phase. The first alpha weekend took place on September 15-17 for a small server stress test. The second alpha weekend will be on September 22-24 which invite a greater nubmer of testers and focus more on getting player feedback.

Five characters are playable so far: Seha, Misteltein, Yuri, Sylvi and J.

The stamina system is still in the game and remains unchanged.

Here is more of what I noticed initially and a bit of Misteltein and Sylvi's early gameplay.

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The 6 Playable Characters of TERA M (Mobile)

Tera M (Mobile) was teased not long ago. Now NetMarble has released information on the playable races in this mobile version of the title. Pre-registrations for South Koreans will start on September 8 and more information will be released then as well.

Races: Human, Amani, High Elf, Popori and Elin

Playable characters:

The Amani Lancer is a durable, but slow character with high stamina and durability. It is capable of tanking for long periods of time, but lacks in killing speed.

The Popori Alchemist is a long-distance DPS tossing massive damage into battle with a more strategic play.

The High Elf Archer uses a bow to attack enemies from a distance.

The Human Brawler gets stronger as a fight progresses; with more attack power gained as she attacks.

The Elin Priest is decked with skills aimed for i

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Closers Online Western Alpha & Beta First 5 Playable Characters

Closers Online, the anime styled action combat MMORPG, has been officially announced for NA and EU by En Masse Entertainment. Alpha is set to start in September and beta later this fall of 2017. There are no confirmed dates yet, but you can sign up for closed beta testing now.

The Closers main web-page shows only five of the eleven total playable characters of the Closers universe. The 'Black Sheep' characters will be playable while the 'Wolf Dog' characters will be added at a later date.

Playable characters in NA/EU Alpha and Beta:
Seha the Hothead, Sylvi the Leader, Yuri the Heart, Misteltein the Genius, and J the Soul

Characters to be added in the future:
Nata the Hunter, Tina the Arms, Levia the Witch, Harpy the Rogue, Violet the Valkyrie, and Wolfgang Schneider the Librarian

En Masse di

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Closers & Black Desert Expand To New Regions | Tera, BDO, and Dragon Nest Expand To Mobile

Today I have news of four MMORPG expansions, not just in regions, but also in the platform they're playable on.

Firstly, an official Closers Online NA version may be coming to the west. Some leaks I've shown in my video below highly suggest its release.

Second, Korean MMORPG developers seem to have their eyes locked on mobile with so many top games extending their brand to the android market. Just recently we got mobile versions of Aion, ArcheAge, Lineage, and now we’re getting TERA, Black Desert Online, Blade and Soul and Dragon Nest. It will be a challenge for those games if they bring them to the west, but the number of popular MMORPGs extending to mobile is increasing pretty rapidly.

Lastly, Black Desert Online is expanding as well in both region and platform. A South East Asian version is expected to open soon, and a mobile version as well. A trailer for the mobile version will be released sometime in September.

What do you think of the mobile MMO craze going on in S. Korea?

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