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Project: Gorgon Is On Steam

Project: Gorgon, the indie developed fantasy MMORPG is finally on Steam! The launch date was a few days ago on March 13, 2018. The game is available for purchase for $30 (25% sale) and will normalize to $40 when the sale is over. It is still in Early Access (open beta) at the moment.

Read more about Project: Gorgon here. You can read my full review of Project: Gorgon's gameplay on MMOPulse.

Project: Gorgon looks to be receiving mostly positive reviews. The game offers a classic-like MMORPG experience with very little hand-holding. There's an emphasis on adventuring, cooperating with fellow players to form parties and progressing with life skills. The developers designed a classless system to let players forge their own paths and change it at will. You can turn from swordsman to firemag

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Tale of Toast Starts Early Access On Steam!

The cel-shaded hard-core PvP MMORPG, Tale of Toast is finally in early access on Steam since February 23, 2018. IT is free-to-play now Tale of Toast so if Tale of Toast looks like it's something you want to play, check out their Steam page here!

Tale of Toast is an indie developed MMORPG by Toasty Leaf AB. Initially developed by only two people, the game offers many well thought out features. There are no classes! You choose the character you become through raising skill trees. Become a pure melee warrior or a hybrid between mage and ranger.

What about the PvP? Well, therea re various zones with different restrictions. In some, you can kill and take the equipment of others. There are guild wars, world PvP, PvP arenas and duels.

Is it Pay to Win? No, there are micro-transactions, but the

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En Masse Entertainment Lays Out "The Path to Console" for TERA

Lots of announcements are expected in the next few weeks, but now En Masse Entertainment have revealed that their website will be upgraded to comodate the upcoming TERA on console with "console friendly features".  Matt Denomme, En Masse Entertainment's Senior Product Manager talks about TERA's journey to its console version. He mentions that "the previous generation of console hardware was not really well-suited to a game of TERA's type. There weren't a lot of free-to-play games (in console) and support for free-to-play games.."

Watch the full developer's video of EME's Senior Product Manager and TERA's Senior Project Manager as well as some cinematic footage of TERA on console here:

What do you think of TERA on Xbox One or PS4?

Check out more information about The Exiled Re
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BLESS Mobile Official Debut Trailer

JOY CITY, the South Korean game publisher has revealed the debut trailer for the upcoming BLESS Mobile. In 2017, it was revealed that a second mobile version of BLESS is being developed by ThinkFun.

BLESS Mobile will be created with the same world and story of its PC counterpart, but will have content not in the PC version and a different combat system. The game will utilize the Unreal Engine 4. The developer ThinkFun have said that its goal is to provide the best graphics in mobile gaming.

BLESS Mobile is scheduled to launch in Korea in the second half of 2018, with no specific date revealed yet. Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks!

Read more about Bless Mobile here: https://mmopulse.com/game/bless-mobile

Be sure to subscribe to my MMORPG YouTube channel to stay up to date on videos of BLESS Mobile!

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What Is New World? - Amazon's Upcoming MMORPG

New World is Amazon Game Studios’ upcoming sand-box MMORPG set in their 17th century colonial period of America. In its world, the supernatural is real. Nature spirits roam in the woods and more horrible things hide in the shadows. New World is an open-ended sandbox in which how you play, what you do and whom you work with or against is entirely up to you. You can live and go through the cursed land on your own or band together to reclaim the horrific monster-haunted wilderness of America to build towns, fortresses and thriving civilizations.

Recent leaks has sprouted some hype back into New World with just enough information to talk about. They are unconfirmed leaks, however as you will see in the video, the footage shows three different characters with clothing and weapons that fit i

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MU: Ignition Beta Gameplay

Webzen has just released the latest MU game addition named "MU Ignition". The first beta event has start now. From January 8th to January 11th, players can play the game for free, instantly on a browser. I have tried the game myself and found it to be quite easy with hand-holding in every corner and aspect of the gameplay.

Here is a bit of my gameplay of the MU Ignition.

More information on MMOPulse: https://mmopulse.com/game/mu-ignition

Beta participants will get premium membership during the testing phase and exclusive rewards for the grand opening. There is no need to download the game. The only requirement is flash player and to log in to your Webzen account.

You can play MU Ignition's beta test now here.

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Black Desert Mobile Reveals New Information with Q&A Release!

Pearl Abyss is still on track with launching Black Desert Mobile to the global market in 2018. They've revealed a lot of information in this latest Q&A session to quench the thirst of fans eager to find out more about the game. There's lots of solid details revealed.

Black Desert Mobile will first launch its South Korean version and then be followed by a global release. Reservations for testing the South Korean version are already underway on its website: blackdesertm.com

If you have yet to hear about Black Desert Mobile, it is the mobile reinterpretation of the popular Black Desert Online game sharing many gameplay features such as beautiful graphics, epic combat flashiness, world bosses and various life skills like fishing, mining, and more.

Here are the basics of Black Desert Mo

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Alchemia Story Character Creation (Mobile MMOJRPG)

Alchemia Story is a mobile MMOJRPG by Abosimo. The game features a turn-based combat system where players have to manually cast skills such as magic spells, sword attacks and blocks. One impressive feature of Alchemia Story is its character creation!

Alchemia Story Character Creation Review on MMOPulse: https://mmopulse.com/review/first-impressions/alchemia-story-character-creation-first-impressions

Check out my gameplay messing around with Alchemia Story's creator:

There are many options for hair style and portions are also customizable in length. Body weight and build have wide ranges. Large, small wide, thin, average. Colors also can be chosen with color pickers instead of only with a palette.

Alchemia Story's character creators is better than some creators on PC games we have s

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Conqueror's Blade Closed Beta Begins With Pre-registrations!

Booming Games, the China-based game developer has opened beta sign ups for the sandbox medieval civilization and warfare combat game, Conqueror's Blade. The game was initially unveiled after more than five years of development in E3 2017.

Conqueror's Blade puts together action combat with tactical movements with one's army. The gameplay includes of controllable medieval teams where players command dozens of powerful and varying troops from Eastern samurai to Western knight in large-scale siege-like scenarios of over 1,000 troops in battle on-screen simultaneously.

You can see a bit of its gameplay here:

Conqueror's Blade will have realistic world effects when it comes to explosions and combat. The battle field in which players clash their legions are massive sandbox landscapes that w
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Pangya Mobile Closed Beta Begins!

Remember the golf MMOPangya? Well, its mobile version has been in the works for some time and it just opened for closed beta phase starting December 14 until December 18! It is downloadable for Android devices only for now and plans for iOS in the future.

The PC version is a classic that many old school online gamers like myself have dunked hundreds of fun golfing hours into. I believe all PC versions of Pangya have closed down within the past two years except for the latest published version for Thai players by MyGame.

The mobile's closed beta version is by MyGame as well and offers gameplay such as story progression, player vs player 1v1 battle, a tournament mode, and others. So far, we know that at least some of the UI of the game will be in English, but it is at this time, me

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