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Path of Exile Preview of Experimental Graphical Improvements!

The isometric action MMORPG Path of Exile has revealed footage of the experimental graphics improvements that players may see in the future. The developers do not yet know when this will be released, but it will come eventually! They want to ensure that the graphical aestethic improvements will not have negative impacts to the game's performance. The Path of Exile team hopes to see them in future expansions when they are ready!

Here is the video of the graphical improvements:

The graphics being shown are in development by the same Path of Exile team that introduced the improved Burning Ground effect and burning grass. 
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Elsword's Second Path of 3rd Job Updates

KOG Games has gone ahead with a launch of Elsword's second part of the 3rd job update! Players will be able to expand their skills and characters further with the new classes seen in the video trailer shown below! Each character will provide new experiences, personality traits, skills, skill portraits and in-game voices. This is part 2 of the biggest update of the year for Elsword!

Here is the trailer:

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SoulWorker Forums Opens & More Info. About Upcoming OBT

The official forums for the upcoming cel-shaded anime action combat MMORPG SoulWorker is now live! Gameforge has just opened the main platform for SoulWorker community gathering.

Information on the upcoming western release have been revealed as well. The western version of SoulWorker is now confirmed to be remaining as a free-to-play game, following its Korean counterparts. The open beta will be playable through steam AND its own client. There will be no English voice acting and will instead have subtitles over the original Korean voices. The subtitles will include English, French, German, Spanish, Polish and Italian.

SoulWorker will not have singular servers per region and will instead have servers in multiple countries to provide better connection.

Here are the servers names with their co
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RaiderZ Re-launch Information From Development Roadmap

On November 8 of last year, RaiderZ was officially announced to be re-releasing under a new company “MasangSoft”. The Korean game developer MasangSoft bought out the rights to many of MAIET’s games including RaiderZ and GunZ and now aims to bring back the awesome action combat experience that RaiderZ once had.

As a start to 2018, MasangSoft has released a development roadmap on RaiderZ’s official Facebook page. I go over them in the video below and you can also read the poorly translated version page by page in the individual Facebook images here: https://www.facebook.com/raiderzonline/posts/1867983226608605

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Gameforge Reminds Us That Soul Worker Is Coming Soon With Stella Unibel Teaser

Gameforge has recently release a short video showcasing skills of the playable character Stella Unibel to remind us that the Soul Worker is still on its way to Europe and North America in 2018. This is part of their "Wisdom Wednesday" in which they give something to learn about Soul Worker to its fans.

Soul Worker was initially scheduled to have an open beta in 2017, but has been pushed for the first quarter of 2018 meaning that it could be any time now. Keep an eye out for news on Soul Worker!

Here is their description of Stella Unibel:

Stella is the ideal support in a team fight, but she can also hold her own. She hits enemies up close and at range with her Howling Guitar. When things get particularly prickly, Stella sets her wolf demons on her enemies and accompanies their onslaught with a destructive chord.

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Neverwinter: Lost City of Omu Coming Soon!

Neverwinter announced the upcoming major expansion for the game yesterday called "Neverwinter: Lost City of Omu". In this expansion players will be able to continue the story line that was started in Tomb of Annihilation, where players can fight Acererak, the wicked lich.

The Lost City of Omu expansion also brings changes with class balancing. Neverwinter is free to play on OC, PS4 and Xbox One and The Lost City of Omu will be released next month on February 27!The console version of Neverwinter will be getting this update later than the PC version as with other previous major updates.

“There is more to the Tomb of Annihilation and the death curse gripping Faerûn, and adventurers must seek answers in the Lost City of Omu. A mysterious new zone filled with crumbling temple rui

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A:IR Full Launch Date Slated For 2019 | English Beta In Q1 2018!

The upcoming MMORPG Ascent: Infinite Realm has is not expected to have a full release until next year. Kakao Games Europe B.V.’s CEO Min Kim has revealed a lot of information about their plans for Ascent: Infinite Realm in a recent interview by Matthew Handraman from gamesindustry.biz. The interview states that " Bluehole's game (A:IR) isn't expected to fully launch until 2019." However, the first English tests are coming very soon in Q1 2018 as revealed by A:IR's Project Manager Jouska.

Project Manager Jouska's announcement and posts about A:IR's English testing:

Interview with Kakao Games Europe B.V. Min Kim: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-01-03-for-kakao-games-can-be-a-gateway-to-the-international-market

Sign up to their newsletter for a chance at getting an A:IR
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MapleStory Nova's Two Latest Characters Illium and Cadena!

Not long after the release of the new MapleStory character Cadena, Nexon is at it again with the latest addition to the playable characters, Illium! As part of the Nova series, this is the second part called "Nova: Brilliance of Illium". The prior update that released the Cadena character is called "Nova: Liberation of Cadena".

Illium uses a special item called the "Lucent Gauntlet" to craft magical weapons and Lucent Wings as his secondary weapon. There was a chance for players to pre-make the Illium character and now those can be played! Illium is an INT based Magician/Flora.

Cadena is a Nova Thief and only survivor to evil Magnus' attack on the Helesium royal family. Seeking revenge, she has trained with Shadow Merchants to hone her skills with her weapons of choice. Her main weapon is a chain with warp forge as her secondary weapon. She is a LUK based character.

With Cadena and Illium, it certainly seems like MapleStory plans to go into 2018 with a lot of attrac

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Black Desert Korea Shows Off New Character Lahn's Combat & Skills Information

Black Desert Online has put out a new trailer showcasing the combat of the upcoming character, Lahn. Lahn is the more oriental themed character and has skills that reference Chinese martial arts.

Here are some known skills:

Salpuree - launches the target into the air dealing damage by swinging the Crescent Pendulum

Pendulum Kick - kick the pendulum at the target, knocking them down

Boat Orchid - spins around to throw the pendulum at the targeted area

Pendulum Waltz - Lahn jumps into the air and run like the wind, can change direction mid-flight

Spring Breeze - Lahn jumps forward at the target, and can either inflict damage or CC

Lahn wields on her right hand a special weapon called the "Crescent Pendulum" which is a sharp bladed pendulum dangling at the end of a rope. On her left ha

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God Slayer Goes To Open Beta! Action MMORPG By ChangYou

The action combat MMORPG Godslayer by Chinese game developer ChangYou is going into open beta in China on December 15, 2017! It has been in development for a long time with multiple closed betas since 2015. Graphically, it's quite beautiful running on the popular CryEngine 3. To register for the game requires a Chinese name and ID!

Here is the open beta trailer:

The game currently offers only four playable character that are all gender-locked. A female mage, a female cleric, a male assassin, and a male swordsman. This game has an autoplay feature built in, even as an action combat game. Autoplay can make characters go to places with high density of monsters to kill them for experience. It is an action combat game. Its developer ChangYou is the developer also in-charge of another upcomi

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