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Closers Online New Playable Character Luna Aegis (Shield Wielder)

Nexon’s Korean version of Closers Online is getting a new addition to their playable characters. Her name is Luna Aegis. So far we know from teasers that she is a shield wielding female character. She is the second playable character to join as part of the the Wild Hϋter group after Wolfgang Schneider  Aside from that, not much is known of her gameplay style yet, like whether she will be a close combat brawler, mid-range, or long range. We will know more in the coming few days.

She is the 12th character addition to Closers. Currently we know that Luna will be patched in to the Korean version on December 21, 2017. Expect to hear more about her from me soon!

There is an event for Luna Aegis on the Korean closers website: http://closers.nexon.com/events/2017/12/07/Promotion.aspx

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Updated Character Creation In Bless Online Japanese Open Beta

Bless Online’s Japanese version launched its open beta earlier this month on November 2nd. Its closed beta already included many features from the Rebuild Project, but much more so now in the open beta. One part that’s actually ahead of the Rebuild Project server is the character creation process. Here is the updated look of the race and class selection and the new rebuilt character designer.

The character creator has had several changes like the addition of the color picker on top of the palette and dozens of newly available hairstyles and skin variations for each race.

I predict that this is going to be very similar to what the upcoming 2018 global Steam release will have, but of course in English and other languages it will support.

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Closers Online Closed Beta Will Have No Progress Wipe?!

Closers Online English Closed Beta is now live starting November 7! En Masse Entertainment has given access to those that buy founder's packs from the site as well as giveaways in the Closers community. There's one major questionable decision made by En Masse Entertainment that's got a lot of fans scratching their heads. This closed beta will not have a progression wipe once it ends. Characters will retain their progress to the next phase.

The Closed Beta introduces the addition of a dedicated European server on top of the already existing North American server.

The founder's pack details can be found here:


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Tree of Savior 4 New Classes & 16 New Class Circles

Tree of Savior is expanding its classes once more and adding new classes for each base class as well.

For Swordsman: Dragoon Circle 3, Templar Circle 3, Murmillo Circle 2, Lancer Circle 2 and the new class, Matador.
For Wizard: Warlock Circle 3, Featherfoot Circle 3, Sage Circle 2, Enchanter Circle 2, and the new class, Shadowmancer.
For Cleric: Plague Doctor Circle 3, Kabbalist Circle 3, Inquisitor Circle 2, Taoist Circle 2, and the new class, Zealot.
For Archer: Cannoneer Circle 3, Musketeer Circle 3, Hackapell Circle 2, Mergen Circle 2, and the new class, Bullet Marker.

At this time, these classes are still upcoming and will be coming with several changes to the class progression system.

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Bless Online Global Steam Release Will Have Rebuild Project Content

If you haven't heard yet, Neowiz has finally officially announced that they will be self-publishing Bless Online on Steam sometime in 2018. Bless Online developer and publisher Neowiz went to TwitchCon 2017 and gave information about Bless’ upcoming global release next year. Yep, global! Not only for North America and Europe.

They opened a new official teaser website with basic information on the races, classes, and gameplay. The Steam community and store page are also already up and running. From the teaser site, we can find some content from the Rebuild Project being showcased which suggests that the global version will have some or all of the "rebuilt" content like the new legendary flaming horse mount.

Here is the official teaser site: http://www.blessonline.net
And the Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/681660/Bless_Online/

More Bless and MMORPG videos on my YouTube channel: youtube.com/nocht

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MapleStory 2 CN Version Character Creation and Classes

Here is the character creation and class selection fo MapleStory 2 CN. The CN version's open beta went live on September 21, complete with Chinese voice acting for all characters and the story line.

There is a total of 9 jobs to choose from in the Chinese version.

Classes: Knight, Berserker, Thief, Assassin, Priest, Wizard, Ranger, Heavy Gunner, and Rune Blader

The character creator is old school with preset colors, preset facial expressions, preset everything. It does offer one ‘more-modern feature which is extending hair length. Aside from that, it’s a very simple character creation process. There is however, a lot more customizability with outfits and accessories gained thru gameplay and shop, some of which can have custom appearances and images on them.

Review of MapleStory 2's Gameplay: http://my.mmosite.com/7642415/blog/item/maplestory_2_chinese_open_beta_gameplay_review.html

More MMORPG videos on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/nocht

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Bless Online Adds Loli and Shota Race Skin For Mascu

The Mascu race was added to Bless Online's Rebuild Test Server and with it came the humanoid forms in the character creation. It is stll the same race, Mascu, and has the same character base models that is made to look like a small human. I believe this is meant to appeal to those that want to play as "loli" or "shota" characters.

Here is the character creation for both male and female characters and what it looks like inside the actual game world.

A screenshot of the new race skin on my assassin in the game.

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What Will Be In Ashes of Creation's Alpha Zero?

Today I have information on the upcoming Ashes of Creation Alpha Zero (December 15, 2017) like the expected number of testers, node progressions, races, and archetypes available. Alpha Zero is still meant to be a contained experience, not an open play, but way less contained than what was shown by Intrepid Studios in PAX Prime last August.

I also explained all of  the expected alpha and beta dates for Ashes of Creation, who will be able to participate in them and what we can expect to see and play in the game during those phases.

I begin with the alpha, beta, and live schedule and the Alpha Zero content starts on 1:36!

You can register for Ashes of Creation here (referral link): https://www.ashesofcreation.com/register/ref/Nocht

Alternate non-referral link: https://www.ashesofcreation.co

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Status of Bless Online's Rebuild Project

Bless Online’s Rebuild Project is now in “Season 3” with the latest patch from 9/28. There's been many changes so far, and in the video below I talk about the state of the testing phase as well as the direction the game is headed. Although the development for the Rebuild Project has been slow, it appears that Neowiz is listening to and making changes based on tester feedback.

Some latest updates that have come include the remodeled Siege of Castra battleground and humanoid Mascu racial skin choice.

Neowiz has clarified that Bless Online is still going to be localized to North America, but details of this is yet to surface; including expected beta or release dates. However, Neowiz will be attending TwitchCon 2017 on October 22nd and bringing Bless Online with them, so new information may surface soon.

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Closers Online NA Alpha Gameplay & Alpha Dates

Closers Online’s North American alpha weekend will be starting its third session this coming Friday and ending on Sunday.
Alpha testers can play the Black Lambs characters over the weekend and provide feedback on their experience in the En Masse Entertainment forums.

Here is my gameplay in the alpha server playing the Misteltein the Genius (Lancer class).


Here is the schedule for the alpha weekend.

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