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Project: Gorgon Is On Steam

Project: Gorgon, the indie developed fantasy MMORPG is finally on Steam! The launch date was a few days ago on March 13, 2018. The game is available for purchase for $30 (25% sale) and will normalize to $40 when the sale is over. It is still in Early Access (open beta) at the moment.

Read more about Project: Gorgon here. You can read my full review of Project: Gorgon's gameplay on MMOPulse.

Project: Gorgon looks to be receiving mostly positive reviews. The game offers a classic-like MMORPG experience with very little hand-holding. There's an emphasis on adventuring, cooperating with fellow players to form parties and progressing with life skills. The developers designed a classless system to let players forge their own paths and change it at will. You can turn from swordsman to firemag

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Bless Online Developers Showcase Amazing Original Paintings Art Before Release

Neowiz's Bless OnlineTeam has released beautiful original paintings with their "Traveling through Bless Online with Original Paintings" to introduce the wonderful places of the game. Unfortunately, no release date has been mentioned yet, but here are the awesome game location paintings!

We want a release date!

For more information on Bless, visitMMOPulse's game overview.


Spezia – the beautiful city of water

"Unión’s capital, Spezia, is the biggest city in the southern continent.
Due to its invaluable role in leading the Unión Alliance against the Habicht Empire, Spezia is still the heart of the UNIóN Alliance today. Spezia is also sometimes referred to as “the city of water” because it was built over a lake and gondolas are used as transportation to nearby areas.

Terny – the ...
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Revelation Online First Contact Update (Cross-Server & New Languages)

The open-world Chinese MMORPG Revelation Online is right around a year into open beta and now they are releasing the "First Contact" Update that includes Cross Server battles and two new localization languages: French and German.

Revelation Online updated graphics news: https://mmopulse.com/news/revelation-online-will-improve-graphics-stability-with-new-sulan-update-by-the-end-of-summer

"Cross-Server allows you to partake in enthralling adventures and ruthless battles side by side with players from your region, which will host the following features:"

- 3 vs 3 Arenas
- 10 vs 10: Darkwood Vale
- 20 vs 20: Iron Precipice Blitz
- 30 vs 30: Machinist's Gauntlet

On top of this, a new EU server is set to be added as well for those wanting a "fresh start". Details and dates coming soon.

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Black Desert Mobile Is Live In South Korea

Black Desert Mobile is now up and running for South Korean mobile gamers! The mobile rendition of the popular Black Desert Online was a huge hit when it was first revealed with over 5 million pre-registrations for the region alone. Like the PC version, graphics are outstanding!

Pearl Abyss decided that Black Desert Mobile is going to be self-published for all regions and will have a global release. However, it's not yet known when a global or western release will be.

More information on Black Desert Mobile game:https://mmopulse.com/game/black-desert-mobile

Planned release dates for Black Desert Mobile: https://mmopulse.com/news/black-desert-mobile-release-dates-are-planned-for-q1-2019-in-na-eu-q3-2018-in-taiwan

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Tale of Toast Starts Early Access On Steam!

The cel-shaded hard-core PvP MMORPG, Tale of Toast is finally in early access on Steam since February 23, 2018. IT is free-to-play now Tale of Toast so if Tale of Toast looks like it's something you want to play, check out their Steam page here!

Tale of Toast is an indie developed MMORPG by Toasty Leaf AB. Initially developed by only two people, the game offers many well thought out features. There are no classes! You choose the character you become through raising skill trees. Become a pure melee warrior or a hybrid between mage and ranger.

What about the PvP? Well, therea re various zones with different restrictions. In some, you can kill and take the equipment of others. There are guild wars, world PvP, PvP arenas and duels.

Is it Pay to Win? No, there are micro-transactions, but the

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Closers Gets Nata the "Hunter" Character!

A new closer is on his way to En Masse Entertainment's Closers! On February 20, 10 PM PST, the next Closers content update brings in Nata, a fast-paced melee Closer equipped with chained kukris as his weapons to sweep large numbers of enemies into big combos!

Orphaned in the war and experimented on by the government, Nata survived where others would have failed to. He has a foul mouth and much to say about strong enemies he often craves to fight. He works as a member of Wolfdogs under Vulture Corp. until he can win back his freedom.

My Closers game overview on MMOPulse: https://mmopulse.com/game/closers


Special Disposal Unit
AGE: 18
DATE OF BIRTH: July 16th
HOBBIES: Revenge, Carving, Reading

VOICED BY: Choi Seung-hun



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Path of Exile Preview of Experimental Graphical Improvements!

The isometric action MMORPG Path of Exile has revealed footage of the experimental graphics improvements that players may see in the future. The developers do not yet know when this will be released, but it will come eventually! They want to ensure that the graphical aestethic improvements will not have negative impacts to the game's performance. The Path of Exile team hopes to see them in future expansions when they are ready!

Here is the video of the graphical improvements:

The graphics being shown are in development by the same Path of Exile team that introduced the improved Burning Ground effect and burning grass.

More MMORPGs: https://mmopulse.com/game/mmorpg

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Elsword's Second Path of 3rd Job Updates

KOG Games has gone ahead with a launch of Elsword's second part of the 3rd job update! Players will be able to expand their skills and characters further with the new classes seen in the video trailer shown below! Each character will provide new experiences, personality traits, skills, skill portraits and in-game voices. This is part 2 of the biggest update of the year for Elsword!

Read my Elsword review here: https://mmopulse.com/review/first-impressions/elsword-first-impressions

Here is the trailer:

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En Masse Entertainment Lays Out "The Path to Console" for TERA

Lots of announcements are expected in the next few weeks, but now En Masse Entertainment have revealed that their website will be upgraded to comodate the upcoming TERA on console with "console friendly features".  Matt Denomme, En Masse Entertainment's Senior Product Manager talks about TERA's journey to its console version. He mentions that "the previous generation of console hardware was not really well-suited to a game of TERA's type. There weren't a lot of free-to-play games (in console) and support for free-to-play games.."

Watch the full developer's video of EME's Senior Product Manager and TERA's Senior Project Manager as well as some cinematic footage of TERA on console here:

What do you think of TERA on Xbox One or PS4?

Check out more information about The Exiled Re
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SoulWorker Forums Opens & More Info. About Upcoming OBT

The official forums for the upcoming cel-shaded anime action combat MMORPG SoulWorkeris now live! Gameforge has just opened the main platform for SoulWorker community gathering.

Information on the upcoming western release have been revealed as well. The western version of SoulWorker is now confirmed to be remaining as a free-to-play game, following its Korean counterparts. The open beta will be playable through steam AND its own client. There will be no English voice acting and will instead have subtitles over the original Korean voices. The subtitles will include English, French, German, Spanish, Polish and Italian.

SoulWorker will not have singular servers per region and will instead have servers in multiple countries to provide better connection.

Here are the servers names with their cor
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