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Elsword's Second Path of 3rd Job Updates

KOG Games has gone ahead with a launch of Elsword's second part of the 3rd job update! Players will be able to expand their skills and characters further with the new classes seen in the video trailer shown below! Each character will provide new experiences, personality traits, skills, skill portraits and in-game voices. This is part 2 of the biggest update of the year for Elsword!

Here is the trailer:

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En Masse Entertainment Lays Out "The Path to Console" for TERA

Lots of announcements are expected in the next few weeks, but now En Masse Entertainment have revealed that their website will be upgraded to comodate the upcoming TERA on console with "console friendly features".  Matt Denomme, En Masse Entertainment's Senior Product Manager talks about TERA's journey to its console version. He mentions that "the previous generation of console hardware was not really well-suited to a game of TERA's type. There weren't a lot of free-to-play games (in console) and support for free-to-play games.."

Watch the full developer's video of EME's Senior Product Manager and TERA's Senior Project Manager as well as some cinematic footage of TERA on console here:

What do you think of TERA on Xbox One or PS4?

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Path of Exile Gives Preview of Experimental Graphical Improvements

The isometric action MMORPG Path of Exile has revealed footage of the experimental graphics improvements that players may see in the future. The developers do not yet know when this will be released, but it will come eventually! They want to ensure that the graphical aestethic improvements will not have negative impacts to the game's performance. The Path of Exile team hopes to see them in future expansions when they are ready.

Here is the video of the graphical improvements:

The graphics being shown are in development by the same Path of Exile team that introduced the improved Burning Ground effect and burning grass.
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SoulWorker Forums Opens & More Info. About Upcoming OBT

The official forums for the upcoming cel-shaded anime action combat MMORPG SoulWorker is now live! Gameforge has just opened the main platform for SoulWorker community gathering.

Information on the upcoming western release have been revealed as well. The western version of SoulWorker is now confirmed to be remaining as a free-to-play game, following its Korean counterparts. The open beta will be playable through steam AND its own client. There will be no English voice acting and will instead have subtitles over the original Korean voices. The subtitles will include English, French, German, Spanish, Polish and Italian.

SoulWorker will not have singular servers per region and will instead have servers in multiple countries to provide better connection.

Here are the servers names with their co
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RaiderZ Re-launch Information From Development Roadmap

On November 8 of last year, RaiderZ was officially announced to be re-releasing under a new company “MasangSoft”. The Korean game developer MasangSoft bought out the rights to many of MAIET’s games including RaiderZ and GunZ and now aims to bring back the awesome action combat experience that RaiderZ once had.

As a start to 2018, MasangSoft has released a development roadmap on RaiderZ’s official Facebook page. I go over them in the video below and you can also read the poorly translated version page by page in the individual Facebook images here: https://www.facebook.com/raiderzonline/posts/1867983226608605

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BLESS Mobile Official Debut Trailer

JOY CITY, the South Korean game publisher has revealed the debut trailer for the upcoming BLESS Mobile. In 2017, it was revealed that a second mobile version of BLESS is being developed by ThinkFun.

BLESS Mobile will be created with the same world and story of its PC counterpart, but will have content not in the PC version and a different combat system. The game will utilize the Unreal Engine 4. The developer ThinkFun have said that its goal is to provide the best graphics in mobile gaming.

BLESS Mobile is scheduled to launch in Korea in the second half of 2018, with no specific date revealed yet. Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks!

Be sure to subscribe to my MMORPG YouTube channel to stay up to date on videos of BLESS Mobile!

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Conqueror's Blade Beta Gameplay & Character Creation

The action combat medieval strategy game Conqueror's Blade recently opened its doors globally with a closed beta. I was lucky enough to gain access and take some video footage. The game was fully in English! Conqueror's Blade is originally a Chinese game published by Netease, but the English voices, while still having heavy accents were clear and very easy to understand.

Conqueror's Blade puts together action combat with tactical movements with a chosen class role and one's army to command. The gameplay includes of controllable medieval teams where players command dozens of powerful and varying troops from Eastern samurai to Western medieval knight of old in large-scale siege-like scenarios of over 1,000 troops in battle.

Here is the game's tutorial combat gameplay:

This intro

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What Is New World? - Amazon's Upcoming MMORPG

New World is Amazon Game Studios’ upcoming sand-box MMORPG set in their 17th century colonial period of America. In its world, the supernatural is real. Nature spirits roam in the woods and more horrible things hide in the shadows. New World is an open-ended sandbox in which how you play, what you do and whom you work with or against is entirely up to you. You can live and go through the cursed land on your own or band together to reclaim the horrific monster-haunted wilderness of America to build towns, fortresses and thriving civilizations.

Recent leaks has sprouted some hype back into New World with just enough information to talk about. They are unconfirmed leaks, however as you will see in the video, the footage shows three different characters with clothing and weapons that fit i

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Devilian Shuts Down on March 5! Many Events As Goodbye

Devilian, the free to play isometic MMORPG developed by Bluhole and published by Trion Worlds will close its doors on March 5, 2018. Events will run from now until the server finally ends all connections. There will be bonus experience, gold, gems, Enigma keys and flower drops to help players reach endgame content while they can.

For those who still have credits in Devilian, the currency can be transfered to one of the other games by Trion Worlds. The choices are: Rift, Trove, Atlas Reactor, Defiance or ArcheAge. A welcome package will also be included upon transfer.

The South Korean version of Devilian been shut down for over two years, and so this title may be taking its final steps forever. Who knows?

Here is the message from the Devilian Team:

"An important message for all Devilians…

You h
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Kritika Online Monk Class Gameplay Review

En Masse Entertainment’s action brawler MMORPG, Kritika Online punches its way to 2018 with a major update named “Chosen Path”. This update introduces the latest class addition, the Monk, and many other new features!

The Monk class is the 6th playable character in the game and offer a dark martial arts style of combat boasting the most powerful kicks and punches in Kirenos! Suffering from an attack by a dark and corrupt creature, he has gained mystical powers that grant him the abilities to imbue dark magic into his attacks.

With the guidance of his martial arts master, he can choose to become a Star Monk or a Void Monk. Star Monk is a powerful mortal being at one with the power of the universe and a master of the hidden arts. Void Monk channels the dark energy and delves further into the corrupt eternal magic within him. Two paths to choose from!

In the video below you can see a more in-depth look at the gameplay experience the Monk class offers.

What’s new in Kritika for Janu

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