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Bless Online Details on Upcoming Major Updates!

A few days ago, Korean game developer, Neowiz announced that Bless Online will undergo some major changes in their “Rebuild Project”. Today, I come to you with details on those changes and information on the test server made for them.

Some changes include addition of features and options to the character creation, huge improvements in combat of certain classes, a more interactive taming system, transforming mounts based on progress, and more.

It’s also been confirmed that there is a new North American & European Project manager for Bless Online and that a Steam release is now being considered. Let’s hope that the game can be released some time this year!

Game: Bless Online

Korean name:블레스

Developer: Neowiz

Status: Korean Open Beta

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Kritika Online "Sky Dancer" Gameplay

The Chinese version of Kritika Online released the new falcon master, bow wielder "Sky Dancer" class just a few weeks ago, and so I got the chance to take it for a spin. I've been playing it more and more, so here's my gameplay of the early level dungeons. 

The archer class excels in mobility more than any other starting class. You'll see that I am able to cover long distances and move across almost entire portions of dungeons in a single long dodge (carried by falcon). Creating distance easily and keeping damage consistent while doing so are the two biggest advantage I was able to find for the class.

If you would like to try this class, it is available in CN only. Likely it will be a while until it reaches the Western version. It will be available in KR on August 3.

Check out more of my content on YouTube!

Come join me on Discord.

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Astellia Online Overview! (TCG MMORPG)

Astellia Online is an upcoming Korean MMORPG where players are able to summon Astell cards as companions to aid them in battle in various ways. These Astell summons are essential to the game since one's combat changes depending on the companions that are summoned. Progressions comes in the form of leveling and gearing one's character AS WELL AS improving Astells' skills and combat experience.

There are five core classes to choose from and four advanced classes for each of them.

Rogue➜ Assassin, Shadow, Revenger or Venom Master
Mage➜ Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock or Druid
Warrior➜ Crusader, Dark Knight, Berserker and Gladiator
Scholar➜ Vesta, Shaman, Prophet or Sage
Archer➜ Hunter, Haweye, Ranger and Sniper

Astellia is currently in closed beta in South Korea. It is planned to have its North American release in late 2018 and will possibly be a "Pay to play" game in that region, like Black Desert Online.

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The Mythical Realm 2 Review (Xian Xia Themed MMORPG)

The Mythical Realm 2 is a new Chinese MMORPG with a big emphasis on Xian Xia theme (sub-genre of Wu Xia). That means flying eternal gods, legendary magical weapons, and martial arts! It has a lot in common with the recently released Revelation Online not just in theme, but features and appearance as well. Here is my review of its character creation, early gameplay, and the game's features.

The game is developed by Giant (巨人网络) and runs on the HAVOK engine.

The Mythical Realm 2 is in closed beta and does not require a VPN to play from countries outside of China. You can find download instructions on my discord, check the "other-games-chat".

Check out more of my MMORPG reviews here

My discord

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