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Kill Stealing: love it or hate it


As we all know Player killing in mmos has been a popular addition and many players love it while others hates it. Then game developers notices that Pking has become a problem to those "I hate to die players". To solve that, they gave them what is called a "Safe Mode", where it requires them to be a certain level or have "safe zones" in the games where players cannot kill another player in certain areas. Soon, the player that killed another player may get certain disadvantages and may stick out more in the crowd by giving them red names etc and become easily targeted by other players in the game. But how can we solve the problem of Kill stealing in mmos?

Kill Stealing. If you don't know what that means... (I'm sure all you do) it is when another player attacks the monster you are attacking and they get the credit. Now some games created solutions for that such as, "Most Damage dealt" and "Who ever hits first". But yet it still happens. This is when the player killing comes at the top, some guy steal your mob? you steal his experience. (Ha I wish.) But killing the other player sometimes cannot solve the problem since he will br

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The Arts of Ranting

The Arts of Ranting

FLY HIGH OH SKY HIGH!!! *hums the Japanese part of the song*.........hehe

Ranting...What is ranting?

Ranting is the mean to speak or shout at length in a wild, emotional way. It can also be a noun. In blogs, a rant is a written personal complaint. 

Okay, that’s the definition of it. Now let’s talk about how to properly rant. Some people just start yapping blah, blah, blah, and blah....blah. One looks at them and they will be like: O.M.G! I less than 3 you! Others will be like: Get a Life Loser!! But that’s the fun thing about ranting, you see people either praising you or hating you. (Rawr)

Tips to make the perfect rant:



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Liking the new look.

Hey MMoblog staffs. good job with the new design. Liking it. ^^


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How to deal with the haters

How to deal with the haters


 One day your either watching your favorite *cough*pron*cough* video, a music video, or a show you missed the other day and you looked down at the comments. Looks good, then something catches your eye. “Hey man, why won’t you shut up because no one is telling you to watch this video so get yourself a life” You look at this, and your like o.m.g, so you look for the comment that this comment is directed at. Second page there it is, a comment so unbelievable that you would want to punch this guy or girl out. A comment where you are telling yourself why? This guy just ranted on your favorite pron video. So you want revenge an

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