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Yo peeps. Today I'll talk about Arche Blade, it's a F2P third person fighting MMO game where you get to enter exciting battles against other players controlling a character based on the Korean fantasy novel "ArcheBlade". It is currently in Closed Beta stage. You may choose from a total of 13 very different characters at launch, with more to be added regularly. Each character has a unique set of skills and weapons.

I've played this like for 3hrs~ (not at from "one sit down", you crazy people!) and it was really fun for me, I don't really play these kind of games, it's a game like "I need to kill someone and I want to do it NAO!!", I like to have games like these, because I really want to kill some people... In game of course xD, or real zombies >_>. This game is PvP oriented, this game has these modes: team death match, capture the flag, free-for-all, team round match. I've played FFA,CTF and TDM, CTF (capture the flag) is really capture the crystal O_o. There are maps that can handle up to 14 peeps.

Hmm about fighting.. You can use some combos that would help you defeat your opponents, you have to block as well, every character has it own abilities and animations (well duuh XD). So basically chars are melee and ranged, but some melee chars have ranged moves too, as some ranged chars has melee kicking moves >_>.
I really hate that sniper char T_T, sitting over 500meters~ with her stupid sniper and steals all the kills Q_Q, and the worst part is that people are guarding snipers... I mean GAWD... But the game itself is fun, it needs team work, you can't just rush into 4 people and not die (unless you are me ^_^), it's all about blocking and thinking about other peeps next moves, countering and all of that stuff, it's really an action game, you need to focus on your allies too, to help them, like by guarding while your teammate is capturing the crystal and all of that. So don't be a selfish bastard T_T.
The game itself needs some improvements, like stable servers, because in that map which supports 14 slots, after some time it brings some lags, and that is the pain in the.... Also cash shops.. NO ITEMS THERE!! Mwahaha, only you can buy for cash now is characters, and that is the problem for newbies, because some experienced players buy characters that they are good at and they are beating major ass. No in game currency spotted now, only cash for characters. The good thing is that characters roll (Not really sure when, but I think it's 1 time in a week).

First Battle Part1/2

First Battle Part2/2

Second Battle Part1/2

Second Battle Part2/2

Anyway you can apply for a Closed Beta, YAY!!!!
http://store.steampowered.com/app/207230/# << HERE
Official website http://en.codebrush.net/
My YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/AloneNCoopGaming
Soo I hope you liked this review :o

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