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Are you updated on World of Warcraft? According to Blizzard, an expansion of Legion to World of Warcraft is soon to be accomplished. The latest patch is accompanied with animations, new classes, and tweaks. This is in exception of the Demon Invasion and the Demon Hunter Class feature. Blizzard revealed that the two features will be released at later date.

On August 9, the pre-ordering players got an access to the Demon Invasion and the Demon Hunter class features. This was seven days before the expansion pack’s released. For those people who don’t understand what is accompanied with the Demon Hunter, a player is strictly restricted from starting at a higher level. This shows that a player can only level this class to 100.

Besides that, a player who pre-order has an ability to boost a character immediately to level 100. Rather than Demon Hunter Class, gamers have a chance to acquire the legendary power Artifact weapons and navigate the continent of Broken Isles. This chance helps the player to increase the level cap up to 100 plus more.

On the other hand, Demon Invasion player has a chance to take part in events of the world. This event will be on the upcoming Legion expansion. By participating in the event, a player gets a chance to rank up various forms of loot using their characters. Actually, this expansion is expected to be released at the end of August where a player will use limited time to get more opportunity.

What are the details of the update? Being the sixth expansion of World of Warcraft, Blizzard is in touch with their loyal players and willing to disclose details of the updates. They revealed that the new patch has been prepared for this expansion. Patch 7.1 is the new one and is also known as Return of Karazhan. This is the major update for World of Warcraft expansion. Karazhan was previously featured on World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. It was found on level 70 and will also appear in the Legion expansion. Ten-player raid will appear on the expansion of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade while five-player dungeon will be featured on Legion.

Note that the new Karazhan is not expanding to replace the original one. The ten-player level 70 raid is still found in the stores. The new patch raid will be smaller and will fall between the Emerald nightmare and the nighthold. It’s revealed that the raid will follow Stormheim story. From the new patch, we also expect the new Suramar outdoor content. This will continue the story of Nightfall.

Besides that, another key feature introduced for World of Warcraft Legion expansion is a playerbase. Demon Hunter, being the second hero class ever introduced in this game, is excepted to start at a higher level. Which level does it start? In fact, Demon Hunter is programmed for a player to have seventy characters and will start at level 98. This class consists of only two specializations.

According to Polygon, the release date of the new patch will be communicated soon because the Return to Karazhan is around to be completed. This patch will be undergoing some tests, according to Blizzard, and will be released after the Legion will be found in stores.

Every expansion has directed the players to more exciting areas. For the Warcraft universe, gamers have an opportunity to experience an area which is tied to the lore of Warcraft. This is the Broken Isles. Artifact Weapons are needed upon beginning this exploration in the Broken Isles. Actually, these weapons are 36 in total. Each Artifact Weapon is meant for a certain class and specialization. Most of the Weapon found here are familiar to most of the players with the lore of Warcraft. Such weapons include; Ashbringer, Scythe of Elune, the legendary holy sword among others. Articraft Weapons can be upgraded. How? Once a player attains level cap 110, it’s possible to upgrade the weapons. World of Warcraft Gold can help you level your characters up. Keep in touch with Raiditem.com for more update of change expected.

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