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Final Fantasy XV and the Final Fantasy VII remake are going to be more action oriented. While the roots of the series is saturated in turn based strategy elements, these changes might be welcome.

Action RPGs are not new, but their popularity has certainly grown in the past few years. With games like Xenoblade Chronicles reaching new levels of popularity, and even the biggest game in the genre moving towards real-time combat, it’s seeming that the entire genre might be soon headed in that direction.

With the advent of mobile RPGs, and even Square Enix releasing their old titles on Google Play, it’s seeming that the days of turn based combat in a console setting may be coming to an end. A dedicated platform requires a dedicated experience, and a lot of people feel like that experience should be rooted in constant action.

Now again going back to Xenoblade Chronicles you’re still selecting moves, and some are super effective and have types and are incredibly intricate in tactical elements but there’s still this element of constant action and movement that make for a more immersive experience.

That being said, there’s still plenty to argue for turn-based combat. The advent of the digital trading card game has shown that waiting your turn can be a good time to think and gather your bearings. Yet in the context of an RPG it can sometimes be boring.

In my opinion, one game that mastered the art of a turn-based RPG is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. With many ways to interact with the battle during your enemy’s turn, you’re never waiting around to take damage. You’re timing a block or a counter, observing the radical movements and the stage around you. The game allows you to interact with the battle outside of your turn.

The Mario and Luigi RPG series takes it a step further, bringing a dodging mechanic into things. You can complete one of those games without ever taking damage if you’re good enough. It’s more of an adventure experience.

The growing changes of the RPG genre don’t do anything negative for us as players. All these changes really do is create a more versatile and unique roster of titles for us to play. So in the end, there’s no battle at all. All of these types of combat serve a purpose in the industry.

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