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I recently did a post about Steep, citing it as one of the more interesting games I saw at E3. I stand by that. With its open world, unique perspective, and integration of a medium that a lot of others would probably find irrelevant, it’s a risk taker. I love games that take risks. But that wasn’t the only exciting title Ubisoft had to show at their E3 press conference.

For Honor was without a doubt a dream come true for most who love ancient war. As someone who has studied the history of the samurai going back centuries, I am so thrilled to see a game where three different types of warrior have three different approaches to battle.

For those who are unaware, this multiplayer title offers the ability to play as many types of warriors. Vikings, Samurai, and Knights are the three factions you can choose from, and while it seems to have narrative focus it looks as though the game is largely influenced by your actions. The E3 trailer showcased a war between vikings and samurai.

The controls seem to resemble a classic hack and slash game similar to the style of one of the Warriors titles, with a bit more of the style and focus being emphasized. There looked to be a parrying element, and different stances and such.

I’m happy that Ubisoft has taken so confidently to doing closed alphas and betas. This game is going to be playable for a select few regardless of console it seems. Similar to Steep, if you want to register for this Alpha, you should do so through the Uplay service.

For Honor was one of the most interesting games at E3 and has the potential to be a really cool experience. I just hope it manages to live up to the hype.

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