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Hearthstone: Captain Blackheart's Treasure

A recycled Tavern Brawl, true, but Captain Blackheart’s Treasure will likely take advantage of the new Karazhan cards in a way that really sells some people on this interesting new adventure.

To give some background, this brawl fills your deck with ⅔ pirates that don’t have any effects on them. Rather than drawing a card at the start of each turn, you discover one. As you may know, the discovery mechanic only works with cards from the hero’s own class.

Being conscious of the cards you’re discovering is crucial to maintaining control over the game’s pace. I personally find this brawl to be a little slow, so I try to go for Druid. As you know, Druid increases its mana rather easily, which can lead to a much faster game. You can play bigger minions pretty early on.

I was actually lucky en

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The Elder Scrolls Legends: Deckbuilding

I’ve already sung the praises of the Elder Scrolls TCG numerous times, but that doesn’t mean I’m done yet. This game offers quite a lot through its innovative lane system, creative battle structure, and rune element that allows you to interrupt enemy onslaughts. But I’ve yet to talk about the most crucial element to any TCG. Deck building, and the restrictions and liberties that come along with that.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends offers you the option to build a deck of 50 or fewer cards. These cards obviously can vary from actions to creatures and so on, but the only rule is that you can have no more than three of each card.

Unlike a game like Hearthstone for instance, where you pick a class when building a deck, in Legends you assign yourself two keywords. These words, like Willpower for

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The Unsung Hero: Asura's Wrath

Capcom has created quite a few major home-hitters in their day, but few games have managed to capture the unique energy of Asura’s Wrath. This interactive anime with beat ‘em up style combat and an action-oriented energy that few games can replicate, was almost entirely passed over. But this was a true travesty, as this game offered a lot of brand new ideas to the world of games.

The episode divide is one of the most incredibly brilliant mechanics I’ve ever seen in a game. I know that a lot of games break things up into chapters, but Asura’s Wrath does it like episodes of a show, with a similar emotional structure. I’ve never seen a game so heavily dictate your emotions while you play. You experience the rising action of an episode’s beginning, the climax of an epic showdown, and the fal

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I Dream of Final Fantasy XV

Even after all of these delays, while I feel like I should be frustrated, all I can feel is glee every single time I take a look at the Final Fantasy XV videos. The most recent gameplay footage shows some combat, some side quest related content, and some more of the game’s epic stunning visuals.

I don’t want to incite conflict through saying this, but in the most recent Gamescom footage, I felt a familiar comfort while watching the gameplay. There’s a very clear creative influence here that is drawn in some capacity from the successful Monolith Soft series, Xenoblade Chronicles. These games are known for their stylish real time combat, in conjunction with their large, expansive, beautiful, complete, and consistent worlds.

Final Fantasy XV is reading as a game that put a lot of emphasis

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