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Twilight Spirits recently launched it's open beta and went live on steam by the name of 龙魂时刻

The game is available to play for all but it's only playable in the Chinese language though they are considering bringing other languages to the future.

I spent a couple hours live-streaming the game and had an up-and-down kind of experience. At first, the combat seemed kind of cool but minutes later I realized how stiff and old school the turning and movement of the game felt. It's very comparable to Moonlight Blade or even Revelation Online. Imagine Revelation with full on action combat, no assisted targeting but slightly more stiff with the movement. That's what I get from this.

The game is beautiful though and the character and outfit design are amazing imo. I even got to dabble in PvP which I found a bit weird. I believe I accepted a daily and accidentally queued up or a player challenged me. It seemed that there was a VERY long timer. A timer so long that no one would PvP for the whole duration. However, the match still ended early on and I still don't know why.. but I'm glad it did.

You can drink potions in the arena and as a loli/healer/summoner class, you can fully heal yourself which I find kind of broken. Maybe that's just early game.

I played alone which I'm sure made the experience even less fun but I never got to a point where I had to repeat quest to level up. Honestly with the combat and feel of the game.. I'm glad I didn't.

I think Twilight Spirits is decent and can be fun for a bit, especially with friends.. but I can't see this as a long-term game.

Here is my video first impressions and short review (at the end of vid).

Keep in mind, my videos can be a bit wild.

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