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Is the Exiled (Das Tal) worth playing? From the 2 hours that I've spent playing the game, I'd say yes. 

However, if you don't enjoy PvP then I doubt you'll like this game. It's a bit more hardcore than most PvP games because it has a full loot system. Meaning that if you die to another player, everything on your character can be looted by your killer.

It also has a unique classless system allowing you to wield any weapon and wear any type of gear you want. Gear also has skills!

Through my journey I've found AOE damaging and healing skills for the robe. The game is top down like Diablo, PoE and other isometric games. Very similar with it's controls. 

The Exiled is also free to try for 7 days whenever you decide to download and play it. Even a year from now, if you decide to finally try the Exiled, your first seven days will be free which is more than enough time to find out if you like the game.

Keep in mind though, without a group in this game.. you are pretty screwed. 

Check out my first impressions here:

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