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My 4th overview is here. This time we cover the Vanguard.

Hopefully this helps you get a general idea of how the Vanguard works and whether or not it's the class for you.

If you have a ton of experience with the Vanguard and would like to add or correct any information in this video please add the corrections in the comment section of this thread or

vid and I will update the video as needed.

Shoutout to Tiska for helping me out with this guide!

Enjoy :)

Chinese > Eng Skill Translations by My.com

(these are in no particular order but if you would like to search up the skill and match it with the icon you can do so here http://db.play.163.com/tianyu/ )

奔雷·冲 Blazing Charge

雷神·千裂破 Smite 锁·擒魔 Holy Vortex 雷神·绝对守护 Shield Storm雷钧 Lightning Aura 猛击 Heroic Strike 旋斩 Conqueror's Sweep 扫荡 Tornado Sweep 龙握·翼 Dragon’s Grasp 定军 Crippling Bolt 降世 Heroic Leap 啸天·翼 Iron Resolve 铁血 Vanguard's Blessing霸·罡体 Indomitable Will飞雷·断 Sundering Steel

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